North valley animal disaster group

P.o. box 441
Chico, Ca 95927

User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Awesome organization!!

    by: Marleydog

    NVADG is an amazing non-profit organization. They truly care for and about each animal that they help. All of the volunteers are there because they want to be. They were out in-force during last summer's northstate fires. They were able to help so many who may not have survived without them. The fact that they do what they do so well is a major testament to their training and dedication!!


    Motivated and so helpful



  • 2. This group kicks emergency butt

    by: Smokeysdad

    I just joined this group and am working on being on the evac team. I worked the last fire in the communications department dispatching out evac teams. These folk are amazing. They are non stop and just, go, go, go for 14, 16 hours even longer! The shelters are really clean for being so hectic sometimes and constantly having animals coming in. I don't know how they do it! They are so awesome. They really have their structure down and things run smoothly most of the time. I can't wait to go to more trainings!


    educational, awareness, emergency sheltering, caring, dedicated



  • 3. A wonderful, caring organization

    by: chicinmudd

    The North Valley Animal Disaster Group is an amazing non-profit organization that educates people and does evacuations and sheltering during disasters. After the fires this summer I think they sheltered around 1000 animals. They setup and run the emergency shelters for animal owners who have no other option in where to take their pets. They shelter everything from birds, hens and the large number of dogs and cats, to horses sheep and cows. They take all animals no matter what shape and size.\n The care that the volunteers give the animals is superb and to the letter. There are guidelines that are followed from the minute the animals are checked in, to the cleaning of cages, etc., walking (dogs) to get the appropriate amount of exercise, to when they are discharged. There are vets on site who do routine rounds and a NVADG person is there 24/7 to assure the safety of all animals. The evacuation teams go out and rescue animals that owners are not able to get because they were evacuated. This team of the NVADG are also very dedicated and train hard to be quick, efficient and thorough. \n The North Valley Animal Disaster Group is such a great organization that I support whole-heartedly. If you'd like more information go to


    education, evacuations, sheltering, great animal care, friendly volunteers


    could always use more volunteers