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Port washington, NY 11050
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User Reviews (17)

  • 1. NSAL America does a great job

    by: DocJill

    I am very impressed with the way NSAL helps animals across the country with their national campaigns about pets. They are getting ready to kick off one of the largest Pet Adoptathons ever. They also do an excellent job of educating pet owners and potential pet owners about the best way to take care of animals. \r\n\r\n


    Are excellent at bringing attention to animal welfare



  • 2. Adoption Experience

    by: Knealways

    This shelter is great. The staff members are great and love it there. They are also very knowledgable. I wish the place can be bigger so there is more room to help these poor animals.


    Great place for Puppies and Kittens


    Not enough room for all the cutie pies.

  • 3. Too Big for It's Own Good

    by: imdunni

    Having worked at NSAL back when it did much good, i can say with good insight that it has gotten much too big for it's own good. They have lost sight of what is important (finding loving and forever homes for the animals) and focused on being the biggest and most well know shelter on the east coast. It's a shame.


    Beautiful Animals


    Unsympathetic, apathetic staff

  • 4. Not a happy ending

    by: jwkuan

    My family were down at the NSAL in May and did not have good experience with them. We were turned down from adopting two kittens because of some stupid reasons. They called my cell and gave me a 30 second interview about pet owner experience and decided we were not qualified. My 11 year old daughter was very upset and cried for 2 hours. Then I found out that she got ringworm from visiting the center. Finally, we adopted 2 lovely kittens from another adopting center and we now live happily ever after.


    big and spacious


    bad policies

  • 5. Outstanding group

    by: plbarrett

    I've received help from Northshore over the past ten years. I'v talked to members of this organiztion at the conferences I'v attend and they are always helpful and full of information.


    very helpful, compassionate



  • 6. a large organization

    by: winkman

    I have not visited the facility on Long Island, but am aware of the mobile adoption van that comes to Choice Pet every two months or so. Hopefully, they have a careful screening of potential adopters.


    mobile adoption van


    there are none

  • 7. Eehh..

    by: leha3215

    They have a multi-million dollar budget so they can help a lot of animals. I went in there once and was turned off by the pushiness of their customer service and the pretentious air about them.


    they help a lot of animals



  • 8. A Good Shelter, but a bit snooty

    by: trojo1521

    Because they have such a high budget, NSAL can rescue so many. I found the customer service a little pushy when I didn't walk out with a dog.


    helps so many animals


    a little snooty and pushy

  • 9. Great

    by: Nancie08

    This is where I adoped my him


    Got my dog



  • 10. Great Shelter

    by: Our3Muttz

    This shelter is great. We got our first dog from here. They have plenty of animals to choose from and allow you to use the vet free for a certain time limit after you adopt. The only negative is that the application process is TOUGH. I appreciate that they do this because they want to make sure you won't give up the animal but it may scare away real animal lovers. Also, they demand that if you are going to get rid of an animal, you must give it back to them, which I think is great. They also do home visits to check on some animals. They visited my house months after I adopted my dog to check on him. All in all, a wonderful place.


    Great Staff


    Very tough application

  • 11. Tour for Life!

    by: beaglemutz

    My involvement with the North Shore Animal League is by their yearly tour of the US promoting dog adoptions called “Tour for Life.” We have been a stop on their trek for many years now. They have a beautiful truck that stops at the shelter and provides a posh ride to our adoption event. The volunteers help us talk about the importance of adoption and assist with visits with the dogs and cats we take. They travel for months and do this every day or every other day to spread their message. One year we were the last stop and they took those who did not get adopted back to their no-kill facility. They are a great organization who promotes their message through the eyes of other shelters, not just themselves! See you in April!


    Shelter promotes good causes and educates



  • 12. Great experience

    by: ztT4MP80539627

    This place was great :) The adoption process was so easy! Walk in, meet a dog, fall in love, fill out the application, get a review, take your new baby home!


    Friendly, helpful staff


    Nothing really!

  • 13. North Shore Animal League - good BUT

    by: Harperm23

    If you are looking for a puppy this is the place to go on Long Island but they are very picky on what they will accept trying to make sure there is fast movement of the animals. Very large and well endowed compared to most.


    Not as knowledable of animals as some of the other no kill shelters


    Only accept easy to place animals


    by: peytonplace2001

    Our Humane Society has co-hosted the Tour for Life put on by the North Shore Animal League. This year (2008) will be our 5th year.\n\nThe Tour for Life is 2 mobile adoption buses crossing the US in hopes of raising awareness to adopt and the wonderful shelter to adopt from.\n\nFor 2 of the years, we were the last stop on the tour before the mobile unit went back to NSAL. So they took several of our dogs with them. We were so grateful as our shelter is very small and we were full.\n\nNSAL helped our shelter get several pallets of food donated to us one year when we were running out.\n\nEven though we are in Ohio, we consider NSAL one of our friends.


    Love their program


    wish they were closer

  • 15. good and bad

    by: DVREscobar

    I used to volunteer for NSAL many years ago. The reason I stopped was not because of the animals or the kennel staff, but it was more of the executives. It just seemed as if the Office staff was not interested in the animals at all - I felt that their funds were not prioritized efficiently - instead of what it was needed for like isolation for pets with URI's, etc... It felt more like they were interested in money and numbers than the actual kindness and care for the animals. However, the kennel staff are who get paid the least and who care the most. They are excellent! They put their heart and soul into the care of those pets. They really deserve more than what they get. The executives would rarely even visit the kennel and when they did they would comment about the smell - "ewe" - yet they are the ones making all the money. Pathetic!\r\n\r\nHowever, the pets are fantastic and the hands on kennel staff are amazing!\r\n




    the pets and the kennel staff

  • 16. Middle of the road on this one...

    by: DanonLI

    I've never adopted from NSAL, but know people that have. No problems with the animals. It is not an easy process, though, but any shelter that helps adopt out animals gets my vote. Place is a little "sterile" for my tastes.


    many animals, good facility


    a bit factory-ish

  • 17. Never again

    by: libbycubed

    I got my beloved Shadow from them 19 years ago. She was very, very sick - they did not know(!). After taking her back to their hospital every day for a week with no improvement, I found out from a local vet that their vet staff had been giving her the wrong medication. I then heard about other problems from people at local dog shows. I will never adopt from them again.


    they have lots of animals


    puppy mills?????