North Shore Animal League

9 Davis Ave
Port Washington, NY 11050

User Reviews (5)

  • 1. It breaks your heart

    by: rsg

    We have been out to North Shore a few times, and it's clear that the people are wonderful and they do a great job there. The puppies and kittens seem to be adopted quickly but the larger and older ones seem sad, although the cats that have been there a long time do have a more home-like set-up. For the large dogs, the cages are a good size, but they seem sterile - but better than the alternative. They really do try to find nice homes.


    They do great work and are very kind


    It's a bit sterile

  • 2. great rescue organization

    by: chriswalton

    This organization has helped out some many animals. They are a great orgainzation!


    great organization


    too far away

  • 3. Very helpfull

    by: YoSO

    When my cat ran away like four years ago, while unfortunaly she was never found, North Shore was so helpful. They were so kind and helped us look for her, and posted signs about her and everything!




    Can be a little messy

  • 4. Go North Shore

    by: abigl

    North Shore animal League is where I adopted two of my cats, one I still have, and the other ran away four years ago :( North Shore is the largest no kill shelter in the U.S. (maybe even world wide, not sure on that one) and the people are so amazing and dedicated!!! Go SHORE!!!


    Amazing people


    Some things weren't the cleanest

  • 5. My experience with Northshore

    by: Karatemom10

    I adopted my Black & Tan Coonhound from there in Sept 2007. He was a rescued from a high kill shelter in VA. and transported up here to NY. He was very sick when they got him and I did have to continue with some medication after I brought him home (which wasn't a big deal). I have spoken with many people who have adopted from there and all most all of their animals were sick when they brought them home. Most had a cold that was easily treated but a few had serious illnesses that were not disclosed at the adoption process. I noticed that some of the staff that works there don't seem very knowledgeable about the dogs in the shelter. That could be either due to the fact that they have such a high turnover of animals it is impossible to get to know them well or it could be that those few just didn't take the time to get to know the animals. The one thing I didn't like was that when I was there and found Copper my husband was working and they wouldn't put a hold on him for my husband to met him or for my other dog to met him. My biggest consern was that Duke wouldn't like him. All worked out well for us and Copper is healthy and growing quickly as all puppies do.


    they follow up on the adoptions


    their staff does not seem knowledgeable about the personalities of their dogs