North country animal shelter

P.o. box 813
Malone, NY 12953
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User Reviews (5)

  • 1. Lousy

    by: meowheart

    We adopted both our dogs from here. The animals weren't clean, one of them had no food/water dishes near her. It was wicked expensive and neither animal was fixed. When we adopted our first puppy they weren't even willing to show us any adult dogs they kept insisting we look at the puppies. Not a good place.


    wonderful animals


    horrible staff, way too expensive, animals not properly cared for

  • 2. What/

    by: DaisysMom1

    Animals not very clen, they want a lot of money to adopt from here. Too bad for the animals, maybe i should support them but am afraid it wouldn't be any better.





  • 3. malone shelter is a rip-off

    by: jeffiner

    I tried to adopt a pet last week and was told that they couldn't take less than three hundred twenty five dollars for him. That wasn't the kind of rescue I was looking for. They had so many animals there that I thought they would want to lighten their load. It felt more like a puupy mill.


    huge selection of dogs


    charge up to $325.00 per dog

  • 4. Never Been

    by: thunderpaws01

    I have never been here, but my friend has. If anyone needs a makeover this place does. I have heard that it is the bare minimum of operating as they have little money and lots of animals.


    In a populated area


    Need Help

  • 5. Very Expensive!

    by: jamesfamily

    Hi we adopted a GSD from here was told 75.00 on phone adoption fee for a 6 year old dog. got there I paid over 300. He passed less then 3 months later from cancer. He was kept outside on a chain there.


    Lots to choose from


    Dogs kept on chains outside Very High adoption Prices 300+