Norfolk animal management center

5585 sabre road
Norfolk, VA 23502
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User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Very Knowledgable

    by: shannalee80

    Staff is very knowledgable and know a great deal about every specific animal.


    All-Around Good Shelter


    None Really

  • 2. I found the love of my life here

    by: theortegas

    I got my little terrier mix from this shelter! The process was nice and painless. The staff was helpful and polite, they gave us some bonding time to see if it would work out. They gave me some background on my dog, he was a stray. I love everything they did for us because we got just the right best friend, its been 2 years and I'm still grateful to them.


    Great friendly staff


    TOO many animals!

  • 3. Great place to find a new frient

    by: h8mondays

    The peopel a Norfolk animal managment were very helpful with our most recent adoption. Zoee was a 6 month out pit mix that we fell in love with at first sight. She was not available for several days but they allowed us to put a hold on her and come in and visit with her as often as we wanted. They would let us take her into a room where we could play with here and give her attention. They even helped us with the first meeting ot Zoee and our other dog. When the day came that we could finalize the adoption she was suppose to go be spayed and kept over night but they couldn't do it because she had come down with kennel cough. They told me I would have to take her home instead and bring her back in 2 weeks. I didn't have puppy food, a leash, a collar or a kennel yet. The staff was very helpful. They gave me some food to get me through the day and a leash and collar to get her home. They also gave me some great ideas to use as a temporary kennel until I could get to the store that night. We appreciate all they did to help us. And now we have the sweetest dog.


    Excellent staff


    bad location