Noah's Bark Pet Resort

1211 Monongahela St.
Belle Vernon, PA

User Reviews (6)

  • 1. Noah's Bark Pet Resort Nightmare

    by: ldemi0

    03/14/2011 its a terrible place to take your animals. The groomer cut BOTH of my schnauzers badly, a gash on my one dogs neck and a cut on my others neck resulting in laser treatments and an emergency vet visit. She did not tell me about it and was belligerent on the phone when I called about it. There is a "no smoking" sign on the door, but an ashtray FULL of cigarettes where the dogs are groomed. Maybe if she put her cigarette down, my dogs would not be in the conditon they are in.


    they took the appointment right away


    the dogs smelled of cigarettes afterwards, the dogs were cut severly, the woman who did it was rude

  • 2. Nice Place

    by: lynrandy

    Everyone if very friendly. Good with the pets, seem to pay attention to the pets. I really don't like to kennel my dog, but sometimes don't have a choice and would choose Noah's Bark.


    Friendly, good with pets


    Pickup/Dropoff hours minimal

  • 3. noah's bark the best?

    by: Shayne10

    Noah's Bark is the best pet resort ever! It doesn"t cost a lot to let your dog stay there. I would Know this because my dog stays there when we are not able to take him on vacation with us. All dogs have seperate pens and have there own little space outside. It is caged in, so don't worry, your dog can't get out. They will even bath and groom your dog if you wish. All you have to do is put your dogs favorite food in a plastic container and a bowl for food and water. They will feed your dog three times a day and give it water whenever your dog needs it. So, please take my advice, let your dog sta at Noah's Bark pet resort whenever you go away.


    great service doesnt cast a lot to let your dog stay there



  • 4. I love Noah's Bark.

    by: tiffani

    I love Noah’s Bark. I have been going there for about a year now. I board my dog Simon there. Simon is a Samoyed and has bad skin. The staff at Noah’s Bark has taken excellent care of him. He walks in the door with his tail wagging. Not only are they good with the dogs, the boarding and grooming prices are very reasonable. I would never board or have my dog groomed anywhere else. They always do a beautiful job when Simon needs a hair cut. I have seen a few other Kennels and grooming shops, but I have never seen a facility so well taken care of.


    They are great with dogs! Knowledgeable staff!




    by: BADDOGS

    I have been affiliated with Noah's Bark for quite some time now, and I wouldn't trust anyone else, or take my pets elsewhere. The facility is very clean and the staff is very loving to all of the animals. \r\n\r\nAnyone that truly knows Noah's Bark and the people that work there, know that their pets are in the best care while being boarded and groomed. \r\n\r\nI highly recommend this facility to anyone that loves their pet and wants them to be safe while they are away from home.





  • 6. We love Noah's Bark

    by: jmw109

    I have never had any problems with Noah's Bark. I have been dealing with them for over 12 years. I would never take my dogs anywhere I didn't think that they were not being taken care of. I have a Rott and 2 malteses. Rachel has been groming my Malteses since I got them. I don't keep them cut I keep their hair longer and no matter how bad they are matted Rachel has never had to puppy cut them. Most groomers will not even take the time to dematt them they just want to cut them. I would recommend them to anyone.


    Close to home and great hours!!