Noah's Bark Doggie Day Care

2474 Kenny Road
Columbus, OH

User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Owners/staff are great

    by: MLCRKC

    I have heard nothing negative about this day care except that its popularity makes it hard for new customers to find availability for their dogs! The owners and staff really have the dogs' happiness in mind with a variety of activities for dogs of all sizes, ages and habits. Highly recommended--maybe they'll expand someday?




    hard to get in!

  • 2. My be prejudice

    by: beaglemutz

    I may be prejudice as I know someone who works for them...she's a fellow beagle adopter! I know how particular she is with her dogs I know she would not send them nor work anywhere where she couldn't guarantee the highest quality care. I checked them out as I want to hold a 'puppy reunion' at their daycare some weekend in a couple of months. It is just not close enough to send my pup regularly. I have heard they are looking for a larger space due to the popularity of their services, always a good sign.


    Location, staff


    Not close enough to my work!

  • 3. Noah's Bark is awesome

    by: ibarnhar

    I'm a vet student, and I'm THRILLED with everything about Noah's Bark. Unfortunately, they're so awesome that it can be hard to get in unless you're on a regular schedule with them!


    Just about Everything!


    I wish they had more space... they get booked solid