Noah's ark animal sanctuary

18430 kz road
Cypress, TX 77433

User Reviews (6)

  • 1. Huge Disappointment and Sadness!!

    by: Love4animal

    4 years ago this place was lovely and felt good knowing someone is going a good deed in caring for these animals......But now!!! animals are living a horrible life!!!! If u hadnt gone here in a while I strongly recommend for you to stop by and get a look for yourself!! I actually cryed when I saw the way these animals are living!!! 1)The dogs in cages outside do not have any shade (summer is horrible right now), 2)the dogs that are loose walking around are in poor condition (one small chihuahua mix dog had one inch extra of long nails...too long that they overlapped each walks like he is in pain!!) 3)small few month old puppies in a pin under the plain sun!!) 4)saddest scene...going inside the air conditioner shed and finding cats that are lethargic but worst of all...walking to the dark room and finding that in small individual cages there are small breed (some pure breed) dogs crying becouse they are small and of course want to play and instead only have to live in a cage and some look sick!! OOO and worst of all that these dogs in that dark room are infested i mean infested with fleas!! to the point where we had to leave because fleas were all over us. I felt so bad and started crying! This is something you have to see for yourself...I sure hope something is done for these for animals that live in this so called "animal sanctuary"


    No pros!!!



  • 2. The best place you could ask for

    by: mel8851

    I had my first experience with these wonderful people today. The staff was so helpful and understanding and seemed very knowledgable. I was very impressed and would definately do business with them again.


    The staff was wonderful, supplies on hand, knowledgable staff


    seemed a little bit dirty but much better than these poor animals being homeless

  • 3. What a place..

    by: mrswjs

    Heather is incredible person, and the time she dedicates to the shelter and the animals is just incredible. Thanks to all her efforts, and all the help of the many volunteers!!!


    Great Facility



  • 4. What a great shelter^_^

    by: ionbolt

    Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary is a wonderful non-profit no-kill animal shelter,i am 18 and i have been volunteering at Noahs Ark for a little over a year and after that i did an eagle scout project for them,now im back to volunteering,but i wouldn't have done my eagle scout project for them if i didn't like what they did there.They are a no kill shelter most and first of all.They take everything from dogs,cats,birds,horses,rodents,small marsupials,pigs,some reptiles and most of all are capable of properly caring for these animals and finding them new homes,but other animals are permanent residents at Noahs Ark.Almost the animals that have come in over the few years the shelter has been around,have been sucsessfully rehabilitated and nursed back to good and stable health and have been given a second chance to live in a home of their own because of the clean facility and very willing and capable staff and volunteers at Noahs Ark.


    A great place to adopt a pet! helpful staff! and a clean facility!!


    no cons as far as i know

  • 5. What a great service Noah's Ark does for Cypress, TX

    by: kendinges

    My wife volunteers for this animal shelter and she tells me how great the staff is. She recently brought home a dog to foster and we ended up keeping her. Her name is Dixie Darling and this is one great dog. How could I not aplaud a shelter that has saved the life of such a great dog. And I know there are many more great dogs and cats available through this shelter.


    Caring for homeless animals.


    Needs more funding and volunteers

  • 6. Noah's Ark Animal Shelter

    by: elizdinges

    Noah's Ark Animal Shelter is a non-profit shelter. This shelter is a no kill shelter. The staff is very loving and concerned with each and every animal. The animals that are not likely to be adopted have found their forever home at Noah's Ark. They have an area in which to roam and play and interact with the people. I have seen dogs that were very happy to be there long term. \r\n\r\nThe only downside here is the same as most shelters lack of funding. With the proper funding this shelter would be better equipped to care for the needs of the animals. Along with funding would be more dedicated volunteers. The folks that volunteer there are wonderful and loving, they could just use a few more. I would give Noah's Ark five stars for the stick to it love they show for the welfare of the animals.


    No kill shelter. All animals are important and cared for.


    Not enough funds.