No-littering Spay Clinic

1504 S Gloster
Tupelo, MS 38801

User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Couldn't be better

    by: Cdra

    As a volunteer and user of this facility, I can assure anyone that it is top-notch. The doctor there is doing amazing work! Please spay and neuter, the earlier the better.




    nothing at all

  • 2. the immportance of low cost spay/neuter

    by: poundpup1973

    I wish every area would have a low cost spay/neuter facility it would be so much helpful to all.


    they help thousands of animals


    there is none

  • 3. Great Community Service

    by: beagle

    I agree with TLHSDog and thought I would put my own two cents in. I think the services they provide to our community are just awesome. They also help support Tupelo-Lee Humane Society by holding joint events and fund raisers. I just wish more pet parents would visit No-Littering and help stop the over population! :)


    Supports the community, helps pet owners


    none that i know of