Niles Animal Hospital & Bird Medical Center

7278 North Milwaukee Avenue
Niles, IL 60714

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  • 1. wonderful vet

    by: johngalt9999

    Dr. Sakas is our vet and he is the best doctor of any kind that I have ever known! No only does he know the answers to every question I have asked him, but we share the same taste in music and freequently trade CDs and DVDs. He has written a few books and is currently writing 2 about birds, the other about coaching little league baseball (go figure). \r\n\r\nHe has given me his email address and I can send him a quick question about something my bird is doing or strange colored droppings and I get a quick response. \r\n\r\nHe also asked to take a picture of my yellow collared macaw during his last visit because he wants to put it in his new bird book!\r\n\r\nOverall, I couldn't ask for a better vet. The vet techs are also just as friendly and smart as are the receptionists. One of the receptionists actually brings her dog into the office on occasion and it lays next to her desk all day. They obviously love pets and love where they work. I could not recommend this place more highly.


    Very knowledgeable staff, very friendly, very flexible


    can't think of any

  • 2. An Excellent Choice When Looking For a Veterinarian!

    by: Griffram

    Ever since me and my family-which consists of my parents and three girls, me being the oldest-got our second "real pet", (our first having been an adorable little albino guinea pig named Fluffy who, because of our unfortunate ignorance about animal care at that point in time, never visited the vet, until the very end..)-that pet being a black domestic shorthair cat named Gryphon.\r\nHe was black with white splotches on his neck, tummy, and around his ears. He was sweet and shy, but also territorial, as we discovered upon my middle sister-who worked there at the time-deciding to adopt and bring home Oscar, a white cat with grey splotches and\r\namazing green eyes . Oscar was by no small means "odd". After hiding for a short while after being brought into our home, he ventured out, and, the first time he did this, Gryphon advanced slightly and hissed at him, sending poor Oscar hiding into our utility closet, again. When Oscar got more comfortable, and realized tat Gryphon wasn't so threatening, he began journeying oout. This cat would lay there and soak his paws in the water in the water dishes, constantly making it necessary for the water to be changed. He had a "meow" that sounded like the ringing of a telephone. He would sometimes sleep underneath the dining room table, and, when he did, he slept with his legs raised halfway up in the air and folded, his feet twitching and kicking out ever so often when he slept. He was a funny and odd cat, indeed. Apparently, he was exceptionally charming as well, as Gryphon and Oscar actually became good buddies! (Unfortunately, we only had Oscar with us for four month. The cause of his death was inconclusive, but, before he died, he did suffer through many mysterious infections which seemed to stay in check as long as we didn't take him off the antibiotic. He ended up being taken to an emergency place nearby-Animal 911-in the end, having a seizure on the way there. His heart kept stopping once he was there. Finally, his heart stopped once more, and they could to revive him this time.) We didn't have him long, but while we did, I think he was a pretty happy cat. The animal hospital kept his cage clean when he had to be hospitalized when the infections were really bad, he had room to move around-they kept a close watch on him and made sure he was as comfortable as possible. I felt that they did everything they could for him. Between Gryphon and Oscar, I got my brown and white mini lop, Chopin, and, shortly before Chopin left us, we adopted Hiram(or, rather, I did, from a shelter I was working at at the time.) The doctors were always very gentle with Chopin when examining him- preferring to wrap him in a towel (or a "bunny burrito", as they called it) as this would prevent the rabbit from flipping out from injuring itself, or, them-and when they took him to be weighed, to get labs done, and whatnot. Chopin ended up, I think, succumbing to a bacteria that he'd had in his system-and been medicated for- for sometime. I could tell he was uncomfortable in the end, maybe in pain even. I didn't know. I left him there so they could keep an eye on him and, if he was stable enough, check him out. When he'd arrived there, he had not eaten at all the day before-never a good sign for such a small animal-and he was possibly even semicomatose, as he was kind of "floppy" and "unresponsive". A few hours later, I got a call from the vet who'd seen him most recently to tell me he was gone, and I just started crying. She stayed on the phone with me for a little while, listening, comforting me, trying to answer as many questions as she could, and overall, assurring me that everything that could've been done for him was. I thought she was a wonderful person, and, a really special vet and I'll alway remember how patient and attentive she was when it came to Chopin, as well as is Mom. Gryphon and Hiram were absolutely adored by the staff at Niles. This was evident in the affection they lavished on both of them and the way that they truly came to care about them. Hiram left us after being given his wings after a long, excruciating battle with intestinal lymphoma, and, Gryphon, left us at the age of 17, and after being with us for eleven years. He had masses in his abdomen and his kidneys were failing. They were so gracious with us and supportive as far as remarking on how great a cat they thought he was, the tme we spent with him before the inevitable had to be done, and how sympathetic they truly were as they carried him away, wraped in a baby blanket we'd brought along, as well as a Bears Blanket they'd provided to us that we wrapped around him along with the other blanket. In the years that I had every single pet, and, through all the care given to them by the vets, technicians, etc. at Niles Animal Hospital, when thinking on it, I feel that they are an exceptional facility run by some of the very best, and where animals are cared for very well. I haven't been there since Gryphon, about 7 months ago, and I don't know when I'll be back there again, but I do know that the staff there will always be friends to me, that I will always think of Niles Animal Hospital as a place of kindness and hope, and that, when I do get my ow pet one day (I don't think my "GodCat" who belongs to my room mate counts, exactly)I will not hesitate to take that pet to this place, because I know that pet will receive the best of care, and, I will always be made to feel like I'm a part of sort of a family.


    They have Knowledge of common pets, as well as exotics


    They are only available to pet owners in Illinois

  • 3. For Your Avian Veterinary Needs

    by: abradley

    Dr Sakas and his staff take care of my African Grey parrot very well. Annual exams are thorough, and I do not feel rushed through my appointment time. Questions are answered thoroughly, but that sometimes means they run behind schedule. I always ask for the earliest possible appointment.\r\n\r\nIt was not difficult to secure a last minute appointment for a "sick" visit that I needed last year. Labs were run on site and I went home with the appropriate medication.\r\n\r\nGood avian vets are not found around every corner, so I am pleased to be able to recommend Niles Animal Hospital.


    Care for Exotic Animals, On Site Labs, Dr Sakas is Great


    Phones are answered by appointment takers-few questions are answered over the phone