Nightingale kennels

491 wareham street
Middleboro, MA 02346
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User Reviews (1)

  • 1. My dog came home with an eye infection!

    by: hilaryg23

    I sent both of my dogs here when I went on vacation in 2006 after being referred by a friend. Huge mistake. When I picked up my dogs, my bulldogs ONE eye (he had his other eye removed due to an infection prior to us adopting him) was red, swollen to the point of being nearly closed, and oozing pus. We never had a call from them stating anything was wrong and when I asked if something happened to his eye while he was there the man acted like he hadn't a clue anything was wrong. Clearly my dogs hadn't even been looked at because anyone could see my Max was in distress. We rushed him to an emergency vet and had him treated to the tune of $300. We left numerous messages and even mailed a letter to the kennel with the vet records included and they never even called back, nor did they apologize when we picked the dogs up. I felt like I had sent my dogs to hell for the week of my vacation, and we paid extra for them to get special daily time for play with staff, which I am sure never happened. I would not recommend this facility to anyone ever.