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330 walnut street
Newtonville, MA 02460
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    by: MelanieeeeeK

    PLEASE DO NOT SUPPORT retail shops such as this that perpetuate suffering for helpless animals. Take the time to do your research when making the commitment to own a pet. Consider giving a deserving animal a forever home through adoption, or reaching out to a qualified breeder who is knowledgeable about, and concerned with, the welfare of the creatures supporting his/her livelihood.





  • 2. awful place - poor puppies for sale

    by: petes99

    I used to live right down the street from N'ville Pet.. it was always so depressing to walk past and see the puppies in the windows, desperate for homes. They continually keep certain breeds in stock, such as wheatens - even if it means getting ones that are too old or too young it seems. I would see ones that were probably 16+ weeks old, and wheatens have an awkward "less cute" period- so those puppies would get overlooked for quite some time. The areas where the puppies were held were those sawdust laden messy stalls - dogs would definitely be playing in their own waste. Really a bad, bad place. I've seen countless "mutty" dogs in town which no doubt came from here, and in turn a puppy mill. The store is always staffed by high schoolers who just should not be managing these dogs. Its hard to believe that in a town like Newton and just this day and age - that a 'pet store' really exists anymore.


    not really any


    they sell puppies, most animals look ill, staff is mostly high schoolers, not clean

  • 3. Sells Puppies

    by: baxtersbarkery

    The store is not clean, staff is not attentive and they sell puppies and small animals. There is a poor parrot that has lived in the front window for years. Very sad.




    sells animals