Newton Veterinary Hospital

116 Hampton House Road
Newton, NJ 07860
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User Reviews (4)

  • 1. Great for routine service.

    by: bluemoonbat

    You can schedule your appointments quickly, and the waiting room is large and airy. The staff is awesome and very friendly. It is conveniently located and easy to access. The cost is higher than the average vet. They do demand payment upfront for some services, but it is a business.


    Quick to get appointments, great with the animals.


    Can cost more than the average vet.

  • 2. Focus on care has changed

    by: pawsonmyheart

    A once loyal 20 + year patron of this place. This place was better when it was a small, local country vet. Now that they became an "empire" their focus on animal care has changed. They have become money motivated. In an emergency, they are more concerned about payment than helping a sick or injured pet. The clerical staff member I dealt with was very cold and unfeeling during our time of grief. I do not blame her, as this is her job. I question the organization of patient records as they reuse old files from other patients that may have incorrect words or information on them, making whomever's name currently on the file look bad or question their ability to pay. My ability to pay after 20+ years was never an issue, but they make it very difficult to survive financially when they will not work with you. Considering the amount of money they charge for care, new files or white out could remedy this. I never questioned the care that my animals have gotten at this place over the years, as only one vet there has ever taken care of them. Dr. Bladek is a credit to his profession, and I would strongly urge him to consider going out on his own. It is truly heartbreaking to me that I have to consider changing vets, due to the lack of compassion during a rough time when it comes to a gravely ill pet. For the record, I am not the only one who has this opinion, as I have spoken to many others who have received the same kind of treatment from this place and they were kind enough to give me some very good recommendations for a new vet.


    Dr. Bladek is great! The ONLY vet I will use there.


    Too costly for those of us who live hand to mouth

  • 3. Very Helpful

    by: scfa

    We have used this practice for emergency when some of our pups were very sick. They were very kind, understanding, and did not make our employees feel uncomfortable The staff understood that we were working with limited funds and worked with us to be able to affordably treat this very sick pups.\r\n\r\n


    kind, understanding


    little pricey

  • 4. Awesome!

    by: mintyamy

    I take all my fur-balls here. I really like it.


    Very friendly, clean, helpful, pleasant, modern equipment.