Newberg veterinary hospital

3716 portland r
Newberg, OR 97132

User Reviews (5)

  • 1. Great vets/staff

    by: bevgen

    I take my Norwich terrier out to Newberg because I hadheard good things. Was not disappointed - not only wonderful vet care but reasonable cost. Would highly recommend.


    staff all very caring of pets and owners


    not very close to where I live

  • 2. Great Veterinary

    by: 4lambs

    When I scheduled my appointment I was able to get in within the week and at a decent time. When I got there they were short handed but I didn't have to wait long. The Doctor I saw was very nice and was great with my cat. I would recommend this place to any one who need's a vet in the area!!


    I got in quick when I scheduled appointment, friendly people


    Not very close to my house

  • 3. Compassionate Veterinary Hospital

    by: neleh2mt

    I purchase my cat food from NVH because my cats are on specialized diets. Even though I take my cats to another clinic -one about 45 miles away -where my college roommate is their vet, NVH always goes out of their way to help me get the food and medications my vet prescribes. If I ever have to change vets or have an emergency, I am bringing my cats to NVH.


    Helpful staff, great service, great hours


    My Vet - who was my college roommate - doesn't work at NVH

  • 4. Great, caring place

    by: MeAu

    I trust the doctors and staff at Newberg Vet Hospital. They work great with our dog who takes a long time to warm up to doctors! They are compassionate. They do a great job giving us options in choosing care for our animals.


    knowledgeable staff who listen, are great with our pets, and have been open about all the options in treating our animals


    Older facility

  • 5. Great staff and doctors!

    by: TiaTasia

    Drs. Webber, Fischer, Johnson, and Tripp are great with my pets. I have four dogs, and (currently) three cats. I recently lost two cats this year one to the food recall (her kidneys failed) and another to FIP. \n\nIn April two of my cats were sick and it was their food. I felt horrible. I had bought their food after checking the recall websites (FDA and Natural Balance) and didn't open the bag until I checked the websites again- my company found out one of their catfoods contained melamine- but I had already fed it to them. My feral cat didn't eat the food but my indoor/outdoor cats had. \n\nDr. Johnson and Dr. Tripp were excellent in taking care of my girls. They did all they could- feeding tubes, IV's, and meds- my youngest (8years old) didn't make it, her kidneys were shot- but our 10 year old, Mitzy, did well. Both my babies were with the clinic for weeks. \n\nThe staff encouraged us to visit daily and called daily-sometimes twice a day- with updates and stats. They even called me once a day after Mitzy came home just to make sure she was still doing well for the first two weeks. \n\nOur vets documented everything carefully including sending out the lab work to several labs to insure that we were able to submit proof to the pet food company. \n\nI had all the documentation I needed to file my claim. It made something that was so stressful and heartbreaking easier to handle knowing I didn't have to do all the extra leg work to prove that my pet was ill from the food. \n\nThey are great with well pet visits and shot reminders. My dogs leave with their rabies license the same day they get their shots. \n\nDr. Tripp was also very helpful when my new kitten got sick. I adopted two kittens in August from a local no kill shelter. They both had kitten colds but seemed to bounce back after a trip to the vets and some antibiotics. Then Izzy got sick again and just seemed to not be able to shake it. My vets were able to diagnose her with FIP ( it was so hard to loose my sweet little girl. Dr. Tripp was very supportive and gave us time to say goodbye. \n\nAll the staff is so comforting and understanding about loosing a pet- they don't rush you. They are willing to hold your hand as well as that of your babies. This is very important to me since many of my animals are seniors. I want to know that when the times comes for them to rest with dignity it won't be too traumatic of an experience. \n\nThese are the things that make the business of the office worth waiting. I know that my special ones will get the same great care. \n\n


    Staff treats your special family members with kindness and care.


    Very busy office. Sometimes there can be a pile up at the front desk.