Nelson Rachel

992 Huffman Road
Birmingham, AL 35215

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Gossip Queen

    by: ABCskjdhfkasdfhkjsd

    I speak directly and honestly from months of working behind the scenes at Crossroads Animal Hospital in Moddy under Dr. Rachel Nelson. I know how important our pets are to us, they are family, and I do share my experiences only to inform you of the REAL Crossroads, and to be sure you choose the right veterinary clinic and veterinarian for you and your pets. During my time at Crossroads, I felt like I was stepping back into high school again. I personally witnessed Dr. Nelson putting on a sweet disposition in front of clients, then turning around behind their backs and gossiping to her "click" of friends about petty things such as clients' levels of education, weight, financial restraints. I felt it was so wrong and definately not the way an innocent, paying client should be treated. If you are not part of Dr. Nelson's gossip party, you can be guaranteed to be a subject of her catty, petty ridicule. I also personally witnessed Dr. Nelson leaving the surgery table while a dog was under anesthesia to check her Facebook and answer phonecalls from friends!!! As my months as a technician, I found Dr. Nelson to be EXTREMELY unprofessional. Her two other veterinarians were great though. Dr. Kristin Leedy and Dr. Eric Saijung are much better options for your veterinarian. I would strongly reccomend seeing them than Dr. Nelson for the sake of your privacy and care of your pet. Again, I speak honestly and in favor of you and your pet. I hope you consider not ever seeing Dr. Rachel Nelson as your veterinarian.


    New, clean clinic


    Pricey, untrustworthy, picks favorite clients

  • 2. Dr Nelson is the best!

    by: Kaysha912

    Dr Nelson is great! She is really nice and takes time to answer all your questions, before we got our puppy, we met with one of her staff to ask questions about training, flea/tick medication and getting spayed/neutered and everyone was so nice and friendly.


    friendly staff