Nelson county animal shelter

996 morse lane
Arrington, VA 22922
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User Reviews (2)

  • 1. doing the best they can

    by: srj

    These folks do a pretty good job with what they have. Their dog area could use improvement, & it would be wonderful if their adoption rate could be increased. Nelson County is pretty rural so there is still a lot of educating to be done about spay/neuter. Our people have worked with them to get some of their dogs onto transports for adoption.


    they do what they can


    facility could use improvement

  • 2. Helping the rural areas with their dogs

    by: BShack

    There are lots of great dogs in this facility. Since there are vacationers at the nearby Wintergreen resort who bring their animals with them, and then lose them, the quality of pets to choose from is very good, sadly enough. I am not thrilled with their indoor runs, but if that is what you have to work with, you do it.


    Great dogs in this county pound!


    Contacting the ACO staff is not easy