Neighborhood Pet Care Center

5182 S Lowell Blvd
Littleton, CO 80123

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  • 1. GREAT VET!!

    by: Tatesq

    We've been to several good vets over the years, but our favorite (and now only) vet is Dr. Jeri Holland of the Neighborhood Pet Care Center in Littleton, CO. She was instrumental in saving Minky, our old Pom, when she was suffering from a terrible case of pneumonia that nearly killed her five times. \n\nShe was also the vet who finally discovered Moey's cryptorchidism (after he'd been examined and classified as neutered by numerous other vets). She was the only one who followed up on the clues that he gave off by his behavior. \n\nLittleton is not a convenient distance away for us, but it's worth the few extra miles it takes to have our dogs be under the care of the wonderful Dr. Holland.


    Great with our older dogs