National cat protection society

6904 w. coast highway
Newport beach, CA 92663

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  • 1. A Proudly Clean, Helpful Shelter - Always

    by: NatCatNewport

    Claviclexoxo, During my six years as an employee with the National Cat Protection Society, I can honestly assure you that our cages have always been quite large and completely clean. In fact, many visitors comment on our cleanliness - and we’re proud of that fact. Also, our senior cats roam free in our retirement center. In response to the 1-week-old kittens you mentioned, we certainly commend your efforts to help. However, they wouldn’t have been safe in a shelter. Kittens’ undeveloped immune systems can’t fight off germs, so they need bottle-feeding in a foster home. Since you couldn’t provide this care, I imagine that the lady who answered the phone suggested a city shelter only as the very last resort. If we took in every cat and kitten people brought us, we’d need to euthanize them to make space like city shelters. We hope you understand that and altogether, our reasoning for sadly forgoing the relinquishment. -Sue at NatCat


    Cleanliness, openness, safe relinquishment


    None, as we work hard to prevent any

  • 2. A Totally Supportive Cat Shelter

    by: ZoePixieChase

    I'm not sure where Claviclexoxo was - the National Cat Protection Society I know treats their kitties extremely well. I imagine they take in all of the cats and kittens they possibly can. That's why they're there - but how can they when cat overpopulation is extreme and shelter space is finite? The staff and volunteers keep the pens extremely clean, routinely give love and attention to the cats (in larger, cleaner pens than I've seen at Humane Societies), and even offer a huge, completely open building for the retirement/senior cats. This building is incredible - it has a pier with little steps to it, waves made from aluminum and a scratching post that reaches to the ceiling! That said, I really don't think Claviclexoxo’s groomer was at the same shelter. By the way, they've been around since 1968. As a doting mom of three cats, I get their newsletter, go to their events and like them on Facebook - and they’re trying like crazy to get their kitties adopted while making space for incoming ones. With as much as they do for cats, their business is going to go on - helping countless homeless kitties - far into the future. Honestly, I can't believe that anybody would want to get in their way.


    Cat care, adoption, retirement



  • 3. STOP ! Don't Leave Your Pet Here !

    by: claviclexoxo

    In many attempts to find an organization to place some abandoned kittens I had come across, I called this organization. I had seen it many, many times as I drove down PCH. \r\n\r\nOn their sign, it reads, "always be kind to your pet", or to animals. Same point. Be kind.\r\n\r\nWhen I called this organization they said they were at capacity and were in no place to take anymore animals.\r\n\r\nThe receptionist, or whoever I was speaking with said to just take them to the shelter. Mind you, these were 1 week old kittens, HELPLESS. And it was a horrible, cold winter ('06).\r\n\r\nI asked if that was the best option, knowing it was NO option at all. The kittens would not have a fighting chance. She said she thought so and that they don't kill animals anymore at the shelter (not true).\r\n\r\nI was flustered over this, but let it go because I wasn't going to listen so no harm, no foul, right?\r\n\r\nI then told this story to my groomer and she told me the same thing happened to her and she was over there looking at cats to adopt and they had poor little senior cats in tiny cages when they should be roaming free or they will experience joint pain and stiffening. She went on to tell me about the dirty conditions the cages were in and how sad the kitties looked. It broke my heart.\r\n\r\nSo, I don't know what else to say. I guess go adopt these sad kitties, but then wouldn't that give them reassurance this is right and keep their little business going, in the same condition it is? \r\n\r\nI can't say. This is just a review, and there it is.




    Condones leaving animals at the shelter (where they kill them)