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  • 1. Nashville Cat Clinic saved my kitty

    by: catsmeow9

    I was using another vet for years. I got another kitty and he was thin. He ate good sometimes and not so well other times. He kept getting fevers and vomiting and they after subcutenaous fluids etc he would feel better for about a month. He was 5yrs old so i was wondering what was going on. I took him back to my vet and it seemed she was frustrated like i was telling her how to do her job. I even asked do you think he has a food allergy and her answer was no. He was losing his fur and he looked awful, i knew he was dying. \r\n\r\nI finally got an appointment with the Nashville Cat Clinic. My other vet sent over the records. Dr Ross, said he thought that the cat may have a food allergy. Imagine that. We could of tested for it but it was well beyond my means. So he gave me 5 samples of food to try and see which presciption food he would like. Ebony chose Hypoallergenic HP. I got the prescription for the food and we started him on it. He started chowing down like he has never eaten before. After six weeks, he gained almost 4 lbs, his fur was coming back and he was playing like a kitten. Dr Ross saved my kitty as he was slowly dying.


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