Nash county animal shelter

P.o. box 849
Nashville, NC 27856
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User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Snoopy


    My family just adopted a 7 year old beagle/corgi mix from the Nash County Animal Shelter. She is such an adorable dog. The staff at the shelter took good care of her while she was there. They also worked hard to find her a new home. We were the lucky family that got her. This shelter has a great staff who care about the animals they keep there. The sad part is that they have very limited resources, so they don't have the funds to do advertising so that more of these pets are adopted. It's an older shelter which is in need of some upgrades. Since funds are limited this also means that they don't have enough staff to have someone at the shelter during the entire day. This means that they have to limit the time that they are open to the public for adoptions. My family is hoping that we can make a difference and work to get the news out about the animals that are available at the shelter for adoption. If you are looking for a pet, please check your local shelter or rescue first. They take in pets from all different situations. We are very happy that we found Snoopy!


    great staff


    needs more staff members

  • 2. Nash County get your animals here

    by: odonnellbre

    This is not a bad facility to get your animals from but the ours are short. If you are interested in getting an animal from this facility and go mon-fri 1pm - 4pm let me know. I will go and take pictures and see if there is away for you to get an animal.


    They want to find homes for animals


    Not enough space, kill shelter