Naperville Animal Hospital & Dupage Veterinary Specialists

1023 East Ogden Avenue
Naperville, IL 60563

User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Great for routine care.

    by: cjmossberger

    Naperville Animal Hospital is a great place to take your pets for routine care such as yearly checkups, vaccines, etc. They have lower prices than most vets in the area and have flexible hours. The cons are that they have several different vets on staff so you never see the same person twice. It is hard to build a relationship with your vet with this system. If you have a more serious issue with your pet, you may want to consider another vet hospital.


    Great prices, good hours


    Rotating vets, do not take appointments

  • 2. Good for routine care, but not always great for special circumstances

    by: pmillerzoo

    For routine care, shots, heartworm prevention, annual check-ups, this place is great. The prices are better than many vets offices. The hours are great, too. You don't need an appointment, which is nice sometimes, but can also mean waiting. I have had to wait over an hour. The main drawback, though, is that each time you come in, you may see a different vet, and it seems like the staff of vets is always changing and some are not very experienced. If you have a more serious issue, you might want to consider a different vet/.


    Reasonable prices, great hours


    Rotating vets, you never know who you'll get

  • 3. Great Place!

    by: Missy15

    My dog does not like going to check ups, but she likes this place (well, for a hospital). The doctors know exactly what to do and do not handle the animals wrong as some hospitals do. This place is the BEST PLACE to go for sick animals.


    they know about animals and they treat animals nice