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    by: rhale

    I contacted the My Lil Paws rescue on 10/4/11 to find a rescue for a Westie I found in my neighborhood that day. I was advised my Michelle Vidales that if I was to bring $100 cash donation in order for them to take her to the vet they would take her. Once that $100 was used they would use rescue money from there on out. I brought the $100 cash and met Kristi and her husband to turn her over to the rescue. They took the cash and they dog and advised they were taking her to the vet at that moment for a 5:15 appointment. I did not have the warm fuzzy feeling and I was right. I called the rescue immediately and they advised the dog was at the vet. They emailed me the next day and told me a list of her problems. Issue is, she never made it to the vet. They dropped her at the Mansfield Shelter and took my money. I contacted the rescue to get my money back as they deceived me. They advised they must have a bad foster even though Michelle advised two days before that she was going to Kristi's house to see the dog and she was doing well. Sounds like quite the scam to me!!! They will not return my $100 or provide vet bills and documentation to proove they used my $100 for her. This dog is now safe with the North Texas Westie Rescue and has been medically taken care of. The issues that My Lil Paws advised of were incorrect. DO NOT TAKE ANY DOGS TO THIS RESCUE! THEY ARE SCAM ARTISTS!!! The Grand Prairie PD is looking into this case and they will not be doing this to any more dogs!!!




    take animals to shelter, take your money