My Dog's Groomer

4000 N Lilley Rd
Canton, MI

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  • 1. Not fans of my odg

    by: jluke

    They might be good for many people but my puppy's first two haircuts were at My Dog's Groomer and things did not go well. He is not a fan of clippers and would bite and the clippers and people. They had to muzzle him which is fine, but the second time, upon pickup of the dog, they told me they would have to sedate him next time. There would be no next time as I took my dog elsewhere and have no problems. He still wanted to bite but the new groomer could easily control him and its not a problem. Since I saw how the new groomer easily handled his clipper issues and scoffed at the idea of sedation, I can only conclude that the staff at My Dog's Groomer were not as competent.


    Hair was cut as expected, will keep dog all day if needed.


    Very loud and barky, had issue with my dog