Murray-calloway county animal shelter

81 shelter lane
Murray, KY 42071

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  • 1. I pray all animal shelters aren't like this one!

    by: bernagirl

    This shelter *does need* some serious help. And it needs to start by getting rid of all the people who currently work there and replacing them with people who actually care about the animals that come into the shelter. The people who staff that shelter are extremely biased toward cats. Cats can come into the shelter and, unless there is a massive over-population of cats there at the time, they will remain at the shelter until someone adopts them or they will become "shelter cats". Dogs can come into the shelter and they are given just a few days--if that. I know for a fact of about at least 20 dogs that weren't even booked into the shelter to try to find new forever homes. They were put down because these women didn't want to deal with them.\n\nThe woman in charge of the shelter wants everyone else to do her job so she has as little as possible to do. The shelter isn't always clean and tidy and the animals don't always receive the best possible care. Items taken and donated to the shelter sometimes go home with the employees rather than being used for the animals at the shelter as they should be.\n\nWhen I adopted a dog from there it was the most depressing and sad place I'd ever been in my life. The dogs were forgotten and afraid of the people who worked with them. The shelter didn't smell like it had been cleaned recently and the concrete floors the dogs slept on were wet and cold. It was heartbreaking. I would have taken every single dog home with me had I been able to just to save them from this shelter.\n\nThis shelter has MAJOR problems and a large part of those problems start with the staff.


    None that I can see


    Uncaring staff, animals mistreated or killed so they won't have to deal with them, not very clean, etc.