Munhall veterinary hospital

2114 west street
Homestead, PA 15120
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User Reviews (5)

  • 1. Questionable Knowledge

    by: paln36

    I took my 12 year old cat for her yearly physical and immunizations one weekend, so I did not meet with Dr. Bezak. The doc that did see my cat seemed to be scared of her. Then, when I attempted to address my concerns about cat dementia with him, he dismissed it, saying that he's never heard of it. I told him that I had another senior cat who suffered from this condition. He responded by stating that I was either confused by what had happened or that my cat was an anomaly because dementia only occurs in dogs. Not only is cat dementia a real issue, but there was a poster listing it as a concern for senior cats hanging in the waiting room of the clinic. I may try to give Dr. Bezak a try, but I will not be going back on the weekend.


    Close proximity; friendly support staff


    did the weekend vet go to school for this?

  • 2. Stay Away!

    by: dog2cat1turtle

    this vet is the only one in my community so I took my dog there since she was a puppy. It is convient because it is close and if you are just getting vaccines then it is ok, as long as you don't expect to get friendly or good customer service. The one girl at the front dest with buzzed blonde hair is horrible. She should consider working somewhere were the public wont bother her. Our dog was seen for stitches and they had to do surgery to do them. They sent us home but forgot to give us a sedative so our high energy dog wouldn't tear the stitches, when I took her back the next day they asked if I had given her a sedative (I should of gotten on the original appt) All they had to say was oopps but still charged me over $120 to restitch her up. My dog also has frequent skin irritations, I spent hundreds of dollars on medicines and shampoos at this vet: I recently took her to a new vet and in only a few treatments(totally different) she is 100% better. My dog suffered for no reason for over 3 years with this condition under thier care, but is cured in only a few visits with a new vet? My only view on this practice is they are in business to make money, even at the sacrifice of your animals health.




    care is based only on thier profit

  • 3. Great Place

    by: Halo611

    Dr. Bezak and staff could not be more caring and compassionate. Right now my dog has a skin condition that we are treating and whenever I call the office they fit us in, most of the time on the same day. Dr. Bezak spends time with his clients and just doesn't walk in, take a look at the pet and then send a tech in. He is there with your pet the entire time.


    Great Staff



  • 4. insensitive

    by: amyr76

    A few yrs ago I took my sick rabbit there. As soon as Dr. Beezak entered the room he told me that he "would make a good dinner." My poor Eddie was very ill and the doctor told me "its just a rabbit." I live approx 2 miles away and since my bunny died, I've had 2 other cats and I will not ever step foot back into that office. I've traveled as far as Fox Chapel when my last kitty had heart and kidney disease. I've talked to my friends and family who have also dealt with his cold heartedness and they also have stopped going to him.




    dr. beezak

  • 5. Munhall vets

    by: daisyismydog

    I love this vet.....they are always so nice.We have never ever got an infection for them or anything for that matter.They are a great veterinary!


    Give your animals treats,Saturday appointments


    sometimes you have to wait for an appointment