Muncie animal shelter

2401 s. gharkey
Muncie, IN 47302
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User Reviews (3)

  • 1. bad practices

    by: hi61600

    The shelter does not check dogs for heartworm...a heart breaking illness that is terrible for the dog and dishonest to the person adopting the dog (or cat). Stay away from this place.


    lots of animals


    dogs not checked for health

  • 2. Cool pets

    by: runner10

    They have awsome animals that make great companions.


    Everybody knows what they are doing.


    I cant think of any.

  • 3. decent shelter

    by: kmr

    this shelter tries very hard to save animals.they work with alot of rescue groups and vets.there animals our well cared for.they really care for there animals and you can tell it.most of there employees have been there for 2 or more years.they try to stay ahead on knew animal products and care .what is best for the animals and what they can do.there staff work constantly to keep the place as clean as possible.i adopted both my dog and cat from there and have never had any problems with my pets.


    they do have a vet tech as superident


    sometimes they do have to put animals done and they hate it.