Multnomah county animal control

P.o. box 698
Troutdale, OR 97060
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User Reviews (5)

  • 1. Doing a good job with limited resources

    by: LuvYourPets

    I actually applied for a job with Multnomah Animal Control and had an in depth tour of the facility. They were doing a lot of construction work at that time, but the areas where the animals are kept is very clean. I knew in my heart, even while I was in the interview, that there was no way I would be able to work there. I'm glad the animals are safe there, but the thought of euthanasia just makes me so sad. I would much rather volunteer my time at a rescue or no-kill shelter, than work for this facility.


    It is a clean facility and nice people work there.


    I have a difficult time seein all those animals locked in cages.

  • 2. It's animal control

    by: kathearn

    Typical kill shelter run by the county.


    recent new cattery


    kill shelter

  • 3. A good service for the county

    by: kcovey26

    Thank goodness MCAS is there for the animals of Multnomah County. They do a good job.\r\n\r\nWould of course be better if the county would make animal safety and issues more of a priority.\r\n\r\nThey are supported by serveral other animal shelters to help save more animals.


    Doing good work for the animals of the county


    old shelter, limited funding

  • 4. Cute

    by: mlpritchard

    Nice place.


    Nice staff



  • 5. They work hard

    by: danielai

    I've encountered this organization through my work with Cat Adoption Team, as the two partner to try and save more feline lives. This organization has to take to community's cats and is working with very limited resources--its a job I can't imagine having to do.


    Lots of animals


    Need for euthanasia