Muhlenberg county humane society

P.o. box 164
Greenville, KY 42345
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User Reviews (5)

  • 1. most time its a great place !

    by: bthatcher

    if the state would fund them a little ,they could have a greater place for all the animals that are abanded. i have adopted many dogs and kittens from there , and they made great pets , most of them i kept til there death . i see that this is a state thing as well as county . its a poor world we live in that u cant love our animals enough to care for them more . i love going out there , but i hate seeing all these animals ,and no one caring to see they need food and comfort .


    good people


    not big enough

  • 2. The New Management

    by: CandiD

    I too know that the Muhlenberg County Humane Society has had a bad rep. with the previous director. But within the last few month's it's come a long way. It definetly need's more help. The new building is great, but it's still not enough. Just in this year alone our Humane Society has taken in almost 1,900 animal's. And with it only being big enough to house and hold 50 animal's, doesn't say a lot for all that's been taken in this year. We really need more people to get involved. A total makeover would be great for all the animal's. If you are an animal lover, please get involved. It would be greatly appreciated.


    Getting more animal's adopted or recused


    Not being able to save the majority of animal's

  • 3. Under New management

    by: QuaittaFaye

    I work at the Muhlenberg County Humane society. I have been there almost a year. I love it there I work with a wonderful group of women. And man lol. We are working really hard to make the place better. We improve eveyday. It is hard to deal with at times but we do the best we can. If you want to adopt a dog or cat we will work really hard to find one for you . Please just give us a chance.


    Lots of dogs to choose from


    To many dogs that need a good home

  • 4. This little shelter needs more local support

    by: taildragger76932

    I am from Greenville and my family has adopted animals from the shelter in years past. There is alot of wealth in Greenville that I feel like more people could do more to support this shelter and staff. The facilities have not grown with the county and are old and out of date. The staff does the best they can with what they have. I think it would be nice if an awareness campaign could be started to increase the publics support of the shelter and bring in much need funds and volunteers to help the staff.


    Nice people who care


    Need more room, more funds and more volunteers

  • 5. In Need Of A Complete Makeover

    by: SC00TERBUM

    The Staff There Do The Best They Can With What They Have To Work With. Facilities Are Extremly Old And Very Small (all done by donation). This Facility Is In Need Of An Update.


    Great Staff, Very Friendly


    In Extreme Need For A Makeover