Mudd puppies self serve dog wash

1605 chapel hill road
Columbia, MO 65203

User Reviews (7)

  • 1. awsome

    by: mustangak

    i loved mud puppies. from first walked in a very clean friendly atmosphere. from the wash bays to the dryers everthing is set up to be fast and easy.they have all u need nail clippers,towels, shampoo and conditioner. the only way ill wash my dog from now on


    dont have to get my bathroom messy


    i had to pay

  • 2. I wish I could use this service

    by: pixelpaws

    What a wonderful business. Unfortunately, I don't have a dog right now and I don't think my cats would enjoy this service. I'd certainly frequent Mudd Puppies if I had a dog.


    great business


    I don't have a dog

  • 3. A great idea

    by: laura4brenner2

    This place is great. It's easy to wash your dog and they like the personal attention from you better than from a groomer. I wish they were in my backyard!


    Everything on hand and all designed for dog washing


    Have to drive to get there

  • 4. Great Business Idea!

    by: ClemonsJoey

    I love the idea of this place. We only went there once, but I think this place is great, I hope he does well. The price is also reasonable.


    you can clean your dogs without getting your house messy!


    the tubs and drying areas need permanent rubber flooring to prevent the dogs from slipping.

  • 5. Get Fido Clean

    by: matt2626

    It is to canines what a self-service car wash is to cars.


    Easy and fun


    Not on my side of town!

  • 6. Seems great

    by: aomanda

    I wandered into Mudd Puppies one day after it first opened, just to see what it was. I was really impressed with the washing stations and the training materials they offered. I thought the owner seemed very friendly and knowledgeable. One day I'll haul my pack over there for a bath.


    Clean facility


    Not on my side of town

  • 7. pets love it

    by: ccoop11

    great place to take your dog for some one on one fun in their oversized tubs. they supply everything you will need for any type of dog. they also sell dog treats, leashes, colors, etc. awesome locally owned business that needs community support! can take your pet next door to jazz and enjoy the outdoors patio! they even supply water for your pooch!


    do it yourself, great environment