Mud puppies self service dog wash

12233 ranch road 620 north
Austin, TX 78750
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User Reviews (2)

  • 1. easy way to bathe your dog

    by: mintyq

    I like mudpuppies. The staff are great at explaining how to really loosen up all that fur, bring out the shine, and get the dog in the tub. They were also great about getting my 90 lb dogs up the ramp (i love the ramp) and keeping them up there. Shampoo, conditioner, fur scrubbers, super-absorbent towels, high-power blow dryers (dogs didn't like those), waist high tub w/ long shower handle (dogs loved the warm water in winter), and giant aprons are all provided. If you like something, they also have it for purchase. They dig the fur out of the tub trap afterwards, and preces are reasonable. Sometimes there are discounts. The only problem is finding the strip mall that it's in--it's fairly wooded (great for dogs!) but I always miss the turn-in.


    they clean up the mess


    missed the turn the first time

  • 2. Awesome DIY bathing stations

    by: jwaltri

    I stumbled across this place when looking for a nice groomer for my dog, and fell in love with it the minute I stepped through the door. All of the staff is awesome and I was able to bathe Katie myself without breaking my back trying to bend over the tub at home. The facility is always clean and it has a warm and friendly vibe to it. This is a great place for anyone wanting to bathe their pet without a hassel.


    Easy to bathe dogs, great facility