Mountain Empire Small Animal

4340 N Roan St.
Johnson City, TN

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Love the vets!

    by: angel793086

    We have been taking our animals to Mountain Empire for many years now. We started going to them because we live only 5 mins away, but we have stuck with the because of the great care they provide and the ease of working with them. Short waits at the office and they don't try to make you pay for a bunch of tests and stuff that you don't want. Great Vet :)


    Friendly, helpful staff



  • 2. Excellent veterinary services

    by: jguinn

    Dr. Ron Scott has been my dog's primary vet as long as I have had her. He exhibits a calm, caring attitude and is exceptionally well-versed. Dr. Scott is fortunate to have tons of experience and his diagnostic abilities are superb. \n\nNot only has Dr. Scott kept my dog very healthy, he always takes lots of time to explain things to me. Dr. Scott does not excite easily and judiciously uses lab diagnostics only when absolutely necessary. On more than one occasion, I was prepared to perform series after series of diagnostic tests, but Dr. Scott has repeatedly proven that his diagnostic abilities, intuition, and experience eliminate the need for those tests in many situations.\n\nWhen Dr. Scott has been unavailable, his partners also offer excellent service.\n\nLike any popular healthcare provider, Dr. Scott can sometimes have a full schedule. But his office staff always make every effort to triage effectively and schedule appointments as quickly as possible. \n\nHighly recommended!


    Very good customer service; knowledgeable staff; vets willing to spend time with individuals


    Dr. Scott and Marie can not be cloned