Mount Laurel Animal Hospital

220 Moorstown Mount Laurel Road
Mount Laurel, NJ 08054

User Reviews (12)

  • 1. Killed my PET!

    by: PringlesMommy

    My dog was taken here to their emergency clinic, as she tripped in the yard, her ankle was visibly swollen and she was crying. When arriving my dog was not crying, walked into the clinic and we were taken into a room. Her vitals, temperature, breathing were all normal. She was given a pain med, in which the tech said she made an opps and hit a vein. She cleaned up the blood, which was cleaned up in two brushes of a gauze pad. We sat for another 25 minutes, my dog did not bleed at all from the spot she got the needle, she was fine. She was then taken for an X-Ray, and the dr returned later saying that she did a full xray of the leg, even showed us on her leg, that she did it from hip to foot, and our dog was ok. YEAH, no. then she said "Could your dog of gotten into medicine?' We said no, as there was no way that was possible, she then said "Could your dog of been poisoned?" We stated no, as she is an inside dog, except for going out to our fully enclosed yard, and no one enters it and it is safe. Our dog goes out, does her buisness and is back in. So after asking US what could be wrong, she then says " I think your dog has a blood disorder" She stated that she felt this way as our dog did not stop bleeding from the injection, umm yes she did, I was on the ground with her, and I have pictures of her, no blood anywhere in the room. She said that her eyes also lead her to believe this, umm ok, and then a tech knocks on the door and says our dog is bleeding from the mouth. She then said let me get an estimate, Ill be back, came back with a very high bill, we asked all that was going to be done, she said she would. DO bloodwork, she had not even done blood work to see if there was a blood problem, yet was diagnosing one. She must be a superhero, as not even a human dr will give you answers without bloodwork. She would treat it with meds and she would be ok. They needed 75% of the estimate, to start anything. that taken care of as we had them adjust it, as they had our dog staying until Monday, which we didnt want unless it was NEEDED, Dr said no,she can go home tomorrow, we paid. A nurse came out and told me that my dog was in very critical condition, very sick, and that it was bad! what, the dr said she was going to do blood work and treat her. the nurse asked if I had given CPR directions, what?, CPR, where is this coming from! I went back and saw my dog, she was lying on the floor, relaxing, not bleeding anywhere, not in her mouth, where shot was given, nothing, told her I loved her and would see her in the morning, it was now 3am. At 5;45 am, they left a message that our dog "was spiraling down the drain" "is that how you refer to a sick animal, as though they are a furball going down a drain", we spoke with them at 7:30am, and they said she had seizures and that we should come in to put her down! Freaking out, we get there to find our dog brain dead, on oxygen, NONE of this was told to us on the phone, when did all this happen!!! No answers, just pushing us to give euthanasia injection. The nurse, tech, whatever she was, looked so annoyed that she had to hold the thing to give oxygen. they pushed and pushed and brought us a bill, right after our dog died, Then asked if they could move us into another room, as we were basically taking up space, and it was 12:30 and they get busy. Oh, sorry we want to say goodbye to our dog who walked into your clinic, was fine, healthy, young, and is now DEAD, and you have no answers. they wanted more money, I said no, you didnt do anything, you killed our dog! Spoke with Dr. Guypta who treated her the night before, she gave a runaround story, no answers, different ones than Vet there in the morning when we came back. Lies, run arounds, they use off label drugs to treat dogs, ones that cause deadly reactions if mixed, stay away from this place and DR> GUYPTA! We decided we did not want creamtion, went to get our dog and they basically said well you have a balance, so...My husband left, I emailed them 4 times, no response, Dr. Guypta told us they would call us back, never did, nothing at all. Finally they gave us our doggie back. There is so much more to this, but to difficult to go on, I just know that my perfectly healthy dog with a hurt foot, arrived there at 1:30 am, was fine when we left her at 4am, and was brain dead and not breathing at 8am, we found that out from the report, although it never states when our dog went brain dead.




    Coldhearted,Dr's just want $, Liars, Deceiptful

  • 2. Cruelty at its best!!!!!!

    by: shelleehenson

    Last night my brother's dog Angel was taken to the emergency vet with respiratory distress. the vet told them that it would cost $481.00 to do xrays of the chest. They did not have the total amount to pay but ask to make payments. The vet refused payments and refused to treat the dog. If that was not bad enough, they were charged $111.00 just for walking in the door. Unfortunately little Angel passed away this morning before she could be taken to another animal hospital. DO NOT TAKE YOUR ANIMALS TO THIS VET.




    refused treatment for sick dog

  • 3. ups and downs

    by: Papillionlady

    I have been taking my babies to Mt. Laurel Animal Hospital for almost 10 years. I now also travel about 30 min. to still take my babies there. The staff are willing to help with anything even if its getting a reluctant dog out your car. The Doctors are wonderful and really look into what is best for your babies. Up until recently I did not have a single bad thing to say about this company.\n\nRecently my dog was seriously injured. She was first seen during reg. business hours and they took great care of her. The doctor even called me at home after performing a 2 1/2 hour surgery on my girl to let me know how she was and what was going on. The next morning I had the same experience I called to see how my girl made it thru the night, the doctor was in with a patient but was told he would call me back as soon as he could. No sooner did I hang up the phone that it was ringing and the doctor was calling to give me an update. \n\nIt was not until late the next day when I was worried about complications from the surgery and I had to bring her in to the emergency services did I have problems. Granted they had a full house, but I still left in anger and tears. First they did not have a room open, ok, but nor did a tech even come to see if she was in immediate need of attention or not. Side note my bay was attacked by another dog. So I tried to keep away from the other animals to keep her anxiety down, which did not help much. The waiting room cleared out except for us. Then a tech decided that she was going to start the initial exam in the waiting room, which caused one of my dogs stitches to pop. To increase my dogs angst the tech forgot to bring a thermometer with her and went to go get one. After waiting about 5 min. I asked one of the girls at the desk where the tech was at. She went to go find out and her answer was there was a more serious case that needed attention and we would have to wait, mind you I was there due to pos. aspiration from complication of surgery, not sure but that seemed serious to me too! Finally they go us into a room and the vet on duty was very good. it was until I went to leave that I dealt with more drama. There were two dogs that were aggressive toward other dogs, unmuzzled. One was leaving the other coming in, so we were stuck. it was not until I mentioned to yet another tech my problem that something was done so we could leave.\n\nIn the end Love Mt. Laurel Animal Hospital but could do without the Emergency Service there after hours and Sundays.


    Willing to work with you


    The emergency service

  • 4. Fantastic When I Went There

    by: chobbs

    When we adopted our dog from West Jersey Animal Shelter in 2004, this is the first place we went. As many of you know, that shelter (now closed) had no medical staff so Amber needed EVERYTHING. She was our first dog and a friend referred us there. He had just put down his long-time Pitbull Athena and they took such great care of her that we felt comfortable bringing Amber in. They gave us an appointment very quickly! The waiting room is huge and since Amber isn't cat friendly, this was a big advantage for us. Our doctor was very nice and knowledgable. Unfortunately, the drive from our home in Cherry Hill was just too far, so we have since switched vets. Not sure what happened when they sold 2 years ago, but they were great whenever we were there.


    Huge, open waiting room. Friendly, knowledgebale staff


    Distance from my home

  • 5. SO NICE

    by: PollysMommy

    I have no idea how to spell or pronounce my dog's vet's name. But he is awesome!!\nEveryone there is so nice.\nThe vet loves her and once she warms up to him, she seems to like him too.\nI've been taking her there since I adopted her.\nI had another dog and when she was sick, my parents took her to the place I goto now and they loved it. That's how I heard about it.\nIt was too far to go to when I had my other dog. But now it's about 10 minutes away.\nI'm sorry some of you didn't have a good experience.\nI'll find out the correct spelling on my dog's vet and suggest maybe you try him out.\nI've been to a lot of vets with my old dog and this one is the best by far.\nWhenever I'm there, I never have to wait long, even when it's crowded.\nI really trust them. They've been taking such great care of my dog and their recommendations for things have worked out great also.


    Too many to list


    Expensive.... but worth it.

  • 6. Dr. Edward Sleeper ~ the best Vet I've ever known

    by: starship08053

    I have been taking my pets to Mt. Laurel Animal Hospital for more than 20 years. He is sensitive, kind, caring, intuitive and a tremedously GIFTED Vet. I trust him completely. I only take my pets to see him! When I've seen other vets there over the past years because Dr. Sleeper was ill, 99% of the time I feel the vets have been unhelpful and sometimes down right incompetent---this relates to misdiagnoses and in 2 cases the death of my pets.\r\n\r\nI wish that Dr. Sleeper had never sold his practice, because I believe the new owners are less interested in animals than in huge profits.\r\n\r\nMany times the front office staff is surly, unfriendly, and totally insensitive. I don't know where they get these women because they are surely in the wrong business! I have been helped tremedously by only one woman there who I think no longer works there.\r\n\r\nIf Dr. Sleeper ever retires, it will be the darkest day for my pets and myself. Who else can I possibly trust?


    Dr. Sleeper is the very best


    Don't trust anyone but Dr. Sleeper

  • 7. my thoughts on mt laurel animal hospital

    by: jillpatt

    Loved this place when doctor Sleeper owned it. He is a kind , gentle and intelligent man. I don't like it nearly as much now since he has sold this practice. Since the staff changes frequently you can never get to know a vet


    offers emergency services


    vets change constantly

  • 8. Great for emergencies

    by: iluvpitbulls

    My dog tucker went there when he sliced open his paw. It was during the weekend. They did a great job and took good care of my baby.




    Emergencies only on weekends and late nights

  • 9. Vets at Mt. Laurel Animal Hospital

    by: winyan

    I have used Mt. Laurel Animal Hospital with Dr. Sleeper and other Vets for several years. When I took care of my daughter's cat they gave her shots and updated Krystal's file. When I had my Akita, Bear, they were excellent. Always helpful. Now that I have rescued a cat, they have seen her too. I have the utmost respect for these doctors.


    The Vets at Mt. Laurel Animal Hospital are very knowledgeable. They can handle cats, dogs, horses...anything I bet!


    Nothing bad about this place.

  • 10. Horrible Vet Hospital

    by: hnddg221

    I had heard wonderful things about Mt. Laurel Animal Hospital so I thought I would give them a try. I was so shocked at the way they treated me and my dog!\r\n\r\nI took my then 3 year old Basset Hound there because he just wasn't acting right. He no longer greeted me at the door and he was just acting lethargic.\r\n\r\nWhen I met with the Dr. his first response was, "He's a basset hound, they are lethargic." Ok, so most are, but he doesn't live with Mugzy and doesn't know him like I do. Mugzy was very energetic and every night when I would come home for work I would have to chase him around the dining room table for at least 30 was our little game.\r\n\r\nAfter finally convincing him that he just wasn't right he agreed to do some bloodwork on him. I was told that he would call me in the next day or 2 with results. This was a Wed. By Friday I hadn't heard anything so I called. I was told the Dr. was on vacation but that there was medication there for me to pick up. What???? Medication??? I asked what meds they were and she gave me the name of 3 different meds and the total cost was over $300...again..what??? I asked what the meds were for and she didn't know. I asked to speak to another Dr. and was told that Dr.'s don't like to take other Dr.'s cases. I said I would come up there to speak to someone in person. In the meantime, I called a friend who was a Vet Tech and asked her what the meds were for. She checked with the Dr. and I was told that they were for treating animals in liver this point I was outraged and beyond upset. I immediately left work and went to the Animal Hospital. I would not leave there until someone had spoken with me and explained exactly what was going on. After waiting for over an hour someone finally came out to speak with me. It wasn't a Dr. but a Vet Tech. She explained Mugzy's test results and that he was indeed going through liver failure, but hopefully the medication would help improve his situation and that they wanted to do a ultrasound in about a week. I paid for the meds and then went home and cried. How could someone not take the time to call a patient and explain that thier dog was possibly dying.\r\n\r\nI did take Mugzy back a week later for the ultrasound and more bloodwork. After paying another $900 I was told that he looked like he was recovering. I had noticed a change in his behavior and was very releived. By the way...the liver is the fastest regenerating organ in the body!\r\n\r\nNeedless to say...I never went back there again. i believe the Dr. that I dealt with was Dr. Zelnick...I have heard from other people that they have had the same problem with other Dr.'s there and the only good Dr. is Dr. Sleeper. \r\n\r\nMy old room mate had the same issues with his dog and ended up switching vets as well as no one seemed to have the time of day to speak to us or answer any questions we may have had. \r\n\r\nWhen it comes to my dogs, they are my kids. I would do anything to protect them and when someone treats them badly or doesn't give them the care that I am paying them for, I get beyind angry.\r\n\r\nI now use Cinnaminson Animal Hospital and they are AWESOME...


    24 hour emergency service


    Did not explain anything!

  • 11. Very pleased

    by: tinkerbell9192

    Dr. Sleeper is a great vet. He is friendly and explains exactly what will be happening to my kitty when she is sick or getting work done. It is a clean and up to date facility, and the best part is definately the jungle tree with the turtle pond!


    Open 24 hours


    too far away from my house

  • 12. Good for emergencies.

    by: kpalez

    I love that I have a 24 hour animal hospital down the street from my house. I feel save and secure w/ them there. Luckily I have only had to use them once.


    Always available


    Very long waits.