Mostly shepherds

48 bayberry lane
New monmouth, NJ 07748

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  • 1. I feel sorry for the dogs

    by: triciamarie

    I had tried for about a year to adopt a dog from this shelter and kept getting excuses like dog was being trained, socialized, etc, I lost count of how many times she had me resubmit the adoption application.Then she blamed me for not going to the shelter which was not an actual scheduled appointment, And said I was too far for a home inspection. I have had rescue shepherds for years and never have I had such a problem with the shelters, My dogs all lived to at least 13 years old and were very loved! Sorry this dog had to miss out and any other pet unfortunate enough to be adoptable from this shelter.


    beautiful dogs


    Dealing with Lib

  • 2. Horrible

    by: marinomc

    I have owned a shepherd for twelve years. As a huge animal lover, I spoiled and loved my dog. He recently died, so I was looking to adopt. Unfortunately, this horrible woman blamed me for my dog's death and was nothing else but extremely rude. She was offensive and all-around horrible.




    Extremely Rude

  • 3. Professionalism

    by: shepherdk9pd

    I have been a big dog owner my entire life. I currently have a shepherd that is a year and a half. I am looking to get a friend for my shepherd and saw Mostly Shepherd website and some of their pets up for adoption. I called Lilly who scolded me on the phone about my shepherd despite not knowing anything about my animal or the wonderful life we provide him. She then told me to grow up and hung up the phone on me. If you are going to get a shepherd, I recommend that you look elsewhere due to the complete lack of professionalism involved with this volunteer organization.