Morris animal refuge

1242 lombard street
Philadelphia, PA 19147
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User Reviews (6)

  • 1. how sad

    by: jhutnik

    I feel bad for the animals if they end up here.\r\nso sad that they have to euthanize so many pets here. I wish they had a better program inmplace to adopt out more dogs & cats.\r\nso sad ... good luck in the contest!


    do their best but


    euthanize more than I'd like

  • 2. Not good

    by: GK55

    Please adopt these poor animals. So many get put down on a weekly basis, it's sad.


    sweet animals


    they put down a lot of animals, dirty

  • 3. Should be better!

    by: Kris821

    I unfortunately had to deal with morris in the past few years. Calling to make an appt to look at adoptable cats was a nightmare, they were so rude!! Also when your their its like the staff has dibs on certain animals and won't let you even think about adopting certain ones! The staff also isnt very familiar of the animals or anything about them! I don't know about this facility and they are also a kill shelter which doesn't help the rating!


    All the gorgeous animals


    Kill shelter/staff

  • 4. Morris Animal Refuge Has A Special Place In My Heart

    by: NanciFromSPhilly

    I adopted my first two cats, Spandau and Tugger, from Morris. I have also volunteered and worked part-time there, and enjoyed it very much.


    Caring, knowledgeable staff



  • 5. decent place!

    by: justwantmoar

    I've unfortunately had to take a few cats I rescued from the streets here and never once were they judgmental like some places can be. I'm certainly far from being a horrible pet owner and to automatically have that assumption brought on me is obviously a turn off. I found Morris to be a decent place to call if you have questions (or visit when at petsmart!) about anything animal related. Another benefit is their spaying/neutering program which more places should attempt to do.


    very sweet, caring individuals



  • 6. Where I got my Morgainne from about 5 years ago

    by: lunathehun

    I lived in Center City Philly about 5 years ago and I wanted to get a playmate for my rambunctious cat Gypsy (who has since gone over the Rainbow Bridge) because he was pestering the older cats in my apartment. I didn't want to get a small kitten, but other than that, I didn't know who to pick. There were so many nice cats there. But Morgainne saved me the trouble and picked me. :) The staff really do check your references which is good. I wish they all would do that. The staff is pleasant and from what I remember, their location is very convenient.


    They do good checking to make sure their dog/cat is going to a good home.


    I'm sure they have their reasons, but you can't pick a cat without an approved application.