Morgan county humane society

690 west mitchell ave
Martinsville, IN 46151
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User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Great group of caring people

    by: tankturret12

    I have used this shelter before and I have to say that the people involved here are very caring and concerned about the wellbeing of ALL of the animals they are caring for. This facility has very limited space and are always strapped for funding but, they always seem to come through for the animals they are providing for. The personnel are always so professional and helpful to the patrons that are interested in adopting an animal. They are always concerned about who and where the animals are adopted out to and ensure that no animal is adopted out to anyone who is unable to provide the needed care for the animal the person is wanting to adopt. If you are wanting to adopt an animal this is the location to go to for an animal that has been cared for and loved while waiting to be adopted !!!!


    excellent care of the animals and concern for their wellbeing!!


    The lack of funding for their excellent program

  • 2. Important work!

    by: pingham

    Morgan County Humane Society does very important work. So many little critters need help, and this group does a lot with very limited resources!


    Humane care and important work!


    Needs more resources!