Monroe animal shelter

200 starr dr.
Monroeville , PA 15146

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. True rescuers

    by: mom2aGREYHOUND

    July 4, 2006 my family and I went around the corner to watch the fireworks, unknowingly leaving our back door unlatched. We returned to the house within an hour to find that our greyhound had gotten out. He was still recovering from a serious injury, so he was not wearing his collar or tags. We searched the neighborhood on foot and by car to find that no one had seen him. My son begged me to go to the police station to ask, and reluctantly we did. We pull into the parking lot and see 4 other people there holding leashes with no dog attached to them(no kidding), we approached an officer and said that our dog had gotten out, he rolled his eyes and asked what kind. When I told him it was a greyhound, his eyes got huge, he said "From """"" Lane? We have him!! Hold on" He radioed to a man and told me that I would be met at the shelter and how to get there. I raced the 5 minutes to the shelter and within moments an SUV with a man and his whole family pulled in. He told me that he could tell the dog had been previously injured and was very nervous and that he had told the police that as soon as I arrived to call him and he would meet me, even if it had been 3am. He took me straight into the building and right to my dog, no questions, no lecture and no paper work. I am sure that my dog not having his tags and collar could have made this a process and problem for me, but truely the only thing that they seemed to care about was the health and happiness of the dog.\r\n I am forever indebted to this shelter! \r\n Jennifer


    They really to have a love of animals.



  • 2. Great job.

    by: hdevine

    This is another small rescue group in the local area. I met some folks from this shelter at a pit bull seminar. I was very impressed with the women I met. Thank you for being pit bull advocates and for doing all the great rescue work that you do!


    great rescue group


    not enough staff, volunteers and money!