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User Reviews (11)

  • 1. A Great Place to Adopt a Pet

    by: jwilby2

    My friend went to the SPCA to get a cat and ended up with the sweetest gray tabby cat. Nova would sit on your lap and purr forever. While I don't currently own any pets, I would consider getting my next pet from them.


    Staff that cares about what is best for its animals



  • 2. Shelter Is best when in need

    by: runtrat

    I was young and had a male(unfixed)kitten. A pure Russian Blue(I think)very friendly little guy.. Well long story short. I became homeless and had no place to go and I loved the sweet boy bunches. I walked into the Monmouth County SPCA. I explained my delema to a nice lady working there,in turn spoke to another who worked in an office. They agreed to help me till I could get on feet. All I had to do is come by and see him. A couple of weeks went by, they suggested I should get him neutered. I told them I couldn't afford that. They said they would work with me, again ! All I had to do is come by and volunteer my time. I went there everyday and worked for a couple hours, got to see my boy .Weeks turned into more weeks and I couldn't find a place I could afford that allowed pets.. I also noticed my sweet boy was starting to lose weight. They explained to me he was depressed and it was time for me to make the decision maybe to give him up for adoption. they promised me they would find him a good home,and for that I made that decision. They called me two days later to tell me they found him a home. I will always remember how they treated me and my missed loved boy. For that I'm grateful....


    the place was great when I was desperate,plenty of pro there.


    at the time I can't think of any cons

  • 3. Loved this shelter

    by: CitySue

    Visited this past summer after a shore trip. Loved this shelter and its store. The staff were wonderful and the animals look very well cared for.


    Staff are great


    Very clean

  • 4. Shelter Donation

    by: PurrfectFence1

    MCSPCA and Purrfect Fence have worked together over the past year. Their director, Ursula and all of their staff are incredibly dedicated to the animals there. It was really our pleasure to build a relationship with them. We look forward to their new facility, as well as helping them allow more cats outdoors!


    The entire staff!



  • 5. busy shelter

    by: hunnie730

    The SPCA is a great shelter, they're helping so many animals. They have so many cats that need homes, hopefully people can make room for a new pet or help out the shelter.


    hard working staff



  • 6. Monmouth County's Home for Needy Aminals

    by: benjaminhcrawford

    The folks here will do their best to help connect lonely pets with good owners. The place to go for the responsible prospective pet parent.


    Your friendly neighborhood pet refuge.


    If only they had more room to play!

  • 7. A great place to spend time helping the animals!!

    by: Lauren742004

    I have been a volunteer with the cats at the MCSPCA for almost 2 years now. It has been an extremely rewarding experience and I am grateful to have the opportunity to touch the lives of these animals. Honestly, though, I think the animals have done just as much for me as I have for them. It is wonderful to see so many volunteers turn out at a shelter to try and lend a helping hand to the animals whom are totally dependent on us. When things go well there is so much cause for celebration. When things go wrong it is hard to accept. No one ever wants to see an animal suffer and I think that everyone at the MCSPCA really has the best interests of the animals at heart. Sometimes it can become such a daunting and overwhelming task, though, when faced with the sheer numbers of animals there waiting for homes.


    People work hard to give each animal a chance top find a new home regardless of how long it might take.


    The sheer numbers of animals in the shelter is staggering!!

  • 8. MCSPCA is a great place to get a pet!

    by: mz368

    A great all around shelter, I have adopted from them and taken my dog to their obedience school. My only complaint (not really) is the hours of their microchip clinic. They even have a thrift store where you can donate (or purchase) items to benefit the shelter animals. Can't say enough good things about them. A+!


    Hours, policies, staff



  • 9. Great Volunteer Opportunity

    by: Mi5h3lly

    The Monmouth County SPCA is a great opportunity for volunteering. I go to college around here, and am a part of the Community Service Club, and one of our volunteer activities is going to the MCSPCA. My schedule is pretty busy so I don't get a chance to go into the shelter that often, but when I do, I enjoy every minute of it. The people there are very helpful and friendly, and the animals are great to work with. I help with cat socialization, and they are just in so much need for attention and socialization that it feels so great to know that I am helping them out. I have a cat of my own at home, so going there and spending time with the cats makes me think of my cat and miss him. The cats are wonderful to work with, and I would like to go there more often.


    Friendly atmosphere


    Not enough space for all of the animals

  • 10. Volunteer

    by: peekay89

    I was a volunteer at the shelter, but since moving to college I have not had a chance to return. I loved volunteering and walking dogs. I created alot of attachments to various wonderful dogs that I walked. The schedule was relaxed and you didn't feel restricted.


    They give good care to animals in need


    It's not well advertised

  • 11. Top shelter in the areas

    by: sheltie86

    I worked "behind the scenes" at MCSPCA as a volunteer for years and was always happy with the level of care given to each animal. The staff works hard and the volunteers are numerous, providing lots of attention and love to every animal in the shelter, including those that have become long time residents! This wonderful shelter has been fortunate enough to have had the ability to keep adoptable animals alive and housed for weeks or months until the perfect home is found. I have also witnessed first hand their dedication to caring for abandoned, injured, or abused pets by working closely with local veterinarians.


    high quality animal care, attentive staff, loyal volunteers


    building is small, in out-of-the-way area, needs renovation!