Mojo's backyard

2595 centerville rd
Tallahassee, FL 32312

User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Great place for socializing your dog

    by: ztT4MP86029754

    Mojo's is pricier than a regular kennel, but it is worth it. Your dog will get to play with other dogs almost the entire time it's there (except for when they have to take breaks to feed them). They will group dogs of similar temperament together to ensure that your dog's enjoying the company. By the time you pick them up, they would have had so much fun that they would usually sleep through the night. The only catch is that your dog has to be neutered before they take him/her in. Otherwise, the staff are all very friendly and knowledgeable dog-lovers.


    Dogs play all day



  • 2. I never worry about my pooch when I am Out!

    by: dustincarter19

    About a year and a half ago I was lucky enough to have a miniature schnauzer join my family with my partner and I. My miniature schnauzer was about 8 months old when I first visited Mojo's the wonderful staff gave me a wonderful tour and explained their services. I was referred to Mojo's by many local individuals who said it was a great alternative to regular boarding when you go out of town. \n\nI never liked the thought of my dog being locked in a kennel the entire time I am out of town. At Mojo's my dog is out in supervised play groups all day long! Then he is placed in HIS OWN KENNEL to sleep at night! NO SCARY CAGES WITH COLD FLOORS AND WALLS! It is wonderful when I drop him off Mojo's, the second I let him loose, he knows exactly where to run to get to the other pooches. When I pick him up from his visit he is so exhausted from playing that he sleeps for the next day. The staff is extremely friendly, I regularly call to check on my baby when I am out of town and the staff always fills me in on how he is doing. Joanne is always up bright and early to greet us when we drop him off! She has the friendliest personality and it always amazes me how she knows Sebastian by name even when she doesn't expect him to be there! Then Jerritt is always on the watch when we pick our boy up! All of the staff are super friendly but these two have set the bar ridiculously high in customer service. \n\nIf you are considering any of the other options in town such as a pet resort I would urge your to think twice. Mojo's provides something that no one else in town does. Your dog plays with other dogs ALL DAY! This is social interaction that not only is fun for your pup but it is also a great learning opportunity for him, especially if you are a one pet household. I can tell ever since I started taking my boy to Mojo's that he has learned major pooch social skills from his interactions with the other dogs at Mojo's. It is great because he is learning these in a 100% safe, supervised environment. \n\nI really could go on and on about this place but must stop. If you are looking for someone to love your pooch when you can't GO TO MOJO'S! THE BEST IN TOWN! You can relax and have a great time because your baby is playing the days away!


    They have the best service in town! I never have to worry about my dog being locked in a kennel all day when I am out of town!


    I can't think of one! Their prices are so good I can't even list that here!

  • 3. MoJo's store is GRRRRREAT

    by: npog69

    most products have been tried on the daycare dogs so staff can tell you how they'll hold up and what's popular.\r\n\r\nthey have many products to help with the little problems of daily life with your dog.\r\n\r\nthey sell wellnes - a great food - and will order anything you need.\r\n\r\ni love this place.


    great products, cute store, staff is knowledgable


    not too big, but lots of product