Modglin Nancy Dvm

25837 Business Center Drive
Redlands, CA 92374

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  • 1. The Best

    by: ztT4MP59772351

    Dr. Modglin has been my veterinarian for 15 years. She has treated my dogs for very serious illnesses and injuries. I trust her diagnoses and her judgment implicitly. She is quick to make referrals to specialty facilities, when she believes that is what is required.\nShe has shown, time and again, her flexibility when my kids have needed her. She and her staff have stayed in the office well past closing time with my injured dogs, and she offered to come to my house on the weekend to euthanize my elderly poodle.\nHer staff have always shown the same consideration for me and for my animals. When I called in to let them know I was bringing my dogs in after they were mauled, one of her staff was waiting for me on the sidewalk. When my little female died, another staff, Georgana, was outside to meet me.\nOne final note, over the years, all of my dogs have started shaking when they realized they were going to the veterinarian - that is, until they met Dr. Modglin. Despite all the pain they must associate with her office, they are perfectly calm when they go to see her.\nI recommend Dr. Modglin and her staff without any reservations.


    Extremely knowledgable and competent, warm, caring, gentle



  • 2. Laid back but straightforward.

    by: diablo72187

    This pet hospital is centered around natural remedies, i.e. herbs and such.\r\n\r\nI love the harmful chemicals, no strange steroids or anything in my babies...\r\n\r\nDr. Modglin is a wonderful, caring vet who truly listens to what your concerns are about your pet and presenting you with a few different options to help your pet.\r\nAlso, she's not like some other vets that talk down to you and use technical medical jargon, she tells you straightforward what problems your pet has, and simple ways to help your pet naturally.\r\nI brought my Mini Rex bunny in for her first doctor's appointment and Dr. Modglin was very sweet.\r\nThumper was having a problem with Snuffles, a respiratory condition that a lot of the mini breeds have...basically it's like a "bunny cold."\r\nShe did about 20-30 little sneezes with a whitish mucus discharge coming out of her little nose.\r\nDr. Modglin recommended a vitamin supplement plus bunny vitamins to add to her water bottle.\r\n\r\nMy little Thumper has been in good health ever since, no snuffles since she saw the good doctor :)\r\nShe went for her yearly exam recently, she's up to be spayed soon (she's almost 3!) and her only health issue is that she's a little too chubby to get spayed immediately :/\r\n4 lb 13 oz...I think she needs to be at about 4 and a half or a little less just so that her recovery won't be too stressful for her.\r\n\r\nOverall, Dr. Modglin is very knowledgeable, very friendly, and truly cares about how your pet is doing.\r\nThumper gives her two paws up!\r\n(Plus two ears up :D)


    Dr. Modglin is absolutely amazing.


    It takes forever to get an appointment.