Miranda's rescue

1603 sandyprairie rd
Fortuna, CA 95540

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  • 1. Taking in the animals that many others cant

    by: ezpetid

    The first time I met Shannon who owns Miranda rescue, he was tending to a dog that had been seriously neglected. The poor thing appeared to be starved half to death, Shannon and his partner were so gentle and reassuring, the cold wet shaking dog was clearly in pain just settled in and let the vet tech do this thing to help it. On several subsequent visits I saw the same level of care and compassion for the animals, As a former grant writer and fundraiser, now retired, my wheels started spinning and taking inventory on what could be done to improve the quality of housing and enrichment tools at the rescue. Every shelter has a wish list of what they can, could, wish, and dream for and in this economy, many fall short because of the constant needs presented just in feeding the animals. Lets face it so many shelters struggle and are torn between raising funds and the hundreds of hours that takes, and the actual day to day care for the critters, volunteers, poop duty, meal time, medical care, emergencies, drop offs, pet dumping, spring abandonment's and the puppies that come from that, you name it. I dream for Miranda rescue that they would be given a million dollars so they can build the most awesome kennels ever. I want to make it clear that every visit I have made to their facility, I have found well cared for healthy animals, one shelter in our community have it easier as they were fortunate to benefit from the gift of pre-built older county animal shelters, and befitted from some of that prior relationships donor base. Our county is plagued with unwanted dogs! The svarious shelters are often overwhelmed! Miranda has created everything they have from scratch and they have raised every dollar for every brick and nail. Could they use more? Absolutely, Should they keep on keeping on, YES because without them hundreds of animals would be put to death every year, the Humboldt county animal shelter would have no choice but to euthanize the overflow that these other rescue groups could not take in. Miranda staff and volunteers care deeply for their charges and they do the best they can with the goal of doing more as finances and gracious donations allow. Often in our community we look at what a service agency can not do or is not doing yet, We all need to remember that it is the animals that matter and what is best for them. So... ADOPT, give, volunteer, and donate supplies to them so that each and every animal is blessed.


    Staff are friendly and they care about animals


    Someone needs to give them a million dollars so they can build their dream facility

  • 2. suprised

    by: sheilac82

    I was suprised to see the conditions under which the dogs live.


    the staff we polite


    the animal arent housed well