Minneapolis animal control shelter

506- 11th avenue north
Minneapolis, MN 55411
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User Reviews (4)

  • 1. Nice Place

    by: TrixiBlew

    This is a pretty good place, I have dealt with them a couple of times with lost animals.




    Don't know

  • 2. Thoughts of Bridget

    by: dianen1

    My brother brought Bridget home from the HS back in the 70's. She was the love of everyone in the house. The daschund that would sit-up and watch the hamster for an hour. She lived to be 18 and you could tell she was happy as heck.


    Always clean/wonderful cat area


    There are always cons when animals are at the HS

  • 3. thumbs up for Mpls Animal Control and Shelter

    by: tevagirl

    We adopted our toy poodle here about 6 months ago. We stopped into just look and there she was. Joy was an owner surrender, they had a decent amount of information on her. Supposedly she was surrendered because she was having trouble walking, the owners intended for her to be PTS, but the shelter felt that she was adoptable. They checked with the previous owner before adopting her out to us. She hasn't had any trouble walking with us, we take her all kinds of places and do lots of hiking. She loves it!\n\nI like that they pick up animals that are strays before they are injured or killed running loose. They work with a number of rescues to make sure that all the animals have a good home. Once animals are available for adoption they don't stay at the shelter long, about 3 days before they are sent to a rescue.


    works with rescues to get animals adopted, nice, clean facilities, picks up animals off the street before they are hurt or killed



  • 4. Controlling

    by: works4theanimals

    These guys do great work in an enthically and socially diverse area.


    Hard working