Mini critters pet village

3509 w 49th st.
Sioux falls, SD
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User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Not always the most reliable information

    by: rkhyland

    While all businesses are in it to show a profit, I feel this store is more into the money and less into making sure the client is satisfied and, more important yet, that the animals are being cared for properly. Whatever it takes to get the sale is generally what the customer is told. That is a dangerous thing when you are dealing with live animals who have specific needs and care requirements. Whether it is truly intentional or just uneducated staff is anybody's guess. If you know what you want/need and they sell it, go for it! For advice and guidance I suggest looking elsewhere or doing a lot of your own research.


    May be the only place that carries particular item occasionally!


    Will tell you what you need to hear to make a purchase!

  • 2. Do they know what they are talking about?

    by: haugen24

    My husband & I were looking for treats for our 4 ferrets so decided to stop in & see what they had. They had a couple different items to choose from but when I asked for a treat that came on a stick (I showed her the hamster & bird treats that are like the ferret one) she told me "Ferrets don't eat grain."\nMy question to her was if they don't why do I buy a box of Cheerios for them every month. She couldn't answer that one.


    Nice selection of animals


    Low stock selection