Millbrook Exchange Off Leash Dog Park

1905 Spring Forest Road
Raleigh, NC

User Reviews (4)

  • 1. Wonderful Park

    by: Fattygirl218

    I actually took my daughter to this park to go to the swimming pool when we noticed A LOT OF dogs being walked, then it hit me that it was a dog park also. \r\n\r\nI liked the fact that dog park is very much separated from the children's area of the park.\r\n\r\nFortunately for me, I am getting ready to become a dog owner and I know where I will take my little Jackson to make friends and play once he gets big enough!!


    if u didnt have a dog this park made you want to have one


    not sure yet

  • 2. great park

    by: orcaa

    I really love going to this park because it's so convenient to my house, it's a large park so all the dogs can run and play comfortably, there are trees for shade, plenty of picnic tables and chairs to relax in, and it even has lights for people who bring their dogs after work. there is also a nice trail around the park so it adds extra exercise and stimulation for the dog. there are poo bag stations and trash cans set up so the park is usually very clean.


    large, lights


    can get muddy

  • 3. Good Times for dogs!

    by: JenLyn8199

    I take my dog, Franky to this dog park. I like that there are 2 seperate areas for large dogs and small dogs to play in. Great location too!


    seperate dog areas for small/large dogs


    dirty water

  • 4. Great people, Great dogs!

    by: xxsunshinexx

    This park is a wonderful dog park. It is open during daylight hours.\n\nIt has separate areas, designated for "large dogs" and "small dogs". There are wonderful dog owners who go there, and the dogs have a great time!\n\nOf course, there is the occasional "bad apple", be it dog or owner:), but no worries, the good apples far outweigh the bad...\n\nThe park is free, as long as your dog(s) is current on vaccinations and make SURE you clean up after your pet! Bags are available at the park, but bag donations are always appreciated. Water buckets are also readily available.\n\nOverall, great experience!!


    wonderful people, great dogs


    the occassional "bad apple"