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  • 1. Old Methods

    by: vmagal1

    I used to love this vet because when I had to put my cat down years ago they were very understanding and kind. My new kitty cat was brought to this very vet. Upon receiving her first rabies shot she developed a tumor in her neck from a reaction. After research and talking to other vets, it was determined that the vet is supposed to administer these shots in the hind legs and not in the neck in case this reaction occured and they would have to amputate. When I brought this to the attention of the vet, he simply shrugged it off and instead of being concerned about the tumor in her neck, his treatment was "just watch it". I will never take an animal to this vet again. Vets should always stay up to date on the practices instead of just relying on the methods they learned when they were first in school.


    Are kind to the animals and receptionists are friendly


    Old methods are used and do not listen to the owners