Middlebury grooming

335 1 2 n main st.
Middlebury, IN
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User Reviews (1)

  • 1. Uncomfortable Place.

    by: sbutler1976

    My husband & I stopped in to talk to the lady & check the place out. We were out walking our dogs so they were w/ us. The minute we walked in the door, the smell hit us. It was not organized & in total disarray. The lady was grooming a dog & never acknowledged we were even there after the bell dinged over the door. When we finally did get her attention she wouldn't shut the blow dryer off & shouted to us when we tried asking questions about prices & hours. Nothing was posted for hours, prices, nothing. She didn't have business cards either. Our dogs were uncomfortable just being inside the door as it smelled pretty bad to them as well. Like there was dog pee on the floor or something. My husband & I decided nope, we aren't going to try that place out, ever. She didn't seem to care if we did or didn't. We left. Maybe she is a great groomer but we won't ever find out! Kind of scary but that is why we check places out 1st before we even consider taking our dogs there.


    It's close by.


    It's dirty inside, smells, she wasn't professional.