Middle island dog park

100 woodville rd
Middle island, NY 11953

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Great park!!1

    by: ztT4MP45499630

    My dogs love it here. They run, they play with other dogs and really enjoy it. People who come here have warned me that other dog parks are much worse. Dogs here must be neutered, have shots, and not be a vicious dog. Anyone can bring any dog to other parks. \n\nOf course some people object to these mainly reasonable rules. I think My Town has done a wonderful thing to make this rather pretty, and fun dog park. It is something I really use and is really appreciated.


    Big, Fenced, not muddy, all dogs have shots!


    No water yet, benches in sun, not shade. Dusty.

  • 2. Largest Park I've seen.

    by: zookeeper

    A real dog friendly dog for a change. Divided in 2 sections one for medium/large dogs and one for small pooches, this is a park for all sizes. I would recommend this park any zootoo member living in the Middle Park, NY area.


    4 Acres; trees everywhere