Michiana humane society and spca

722 indiana highway 212
Michigan city, IN 46360
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User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Great adoption process

    by: MollyKitty3

    I visited the Michiana Humane Society to adopt a kitty and my first impression was that it was a very clean, well taken care of facility. The adoption process was respectable because an application has to be filled out first, before anything else can happen and the application is so thorough. Anyone who wants to adopt an animal has to tell about current pets, give the name of their vet, and answer questions pertaining to dicipline, etc. I appreciate that they won't just let anyone have a pet. Some people can't handle the responsibility or have had problems with pet ownership in the past. A day after my application was filled out the MHS called me to tell me I was approved and that I could pick up my kitty at anytime. Molly has live with us for 2 years now and get along great with my 3 other cats.


    Very clean, nice facility. Healthy animals


    I took donations to MHS and staff member was not too appreciative

  • 2. Very Clean!!

    by: AngelToAnimals

    I highly recommend visiting the Michiana Humane Society. It really is the cleanest shelter I have seen. They take great care of the animals there,and the staff is very friendly!


    Clean shelter, friendly staff!



  • 3. Dog Park

    by: nisleyk

    Nice fenced in park for your dog to run.


    Nice Big Dog park