Mexico animal shelter

101 south morris
Mexico, MO 65265

User Reviews (4)

  • 1. My Teddy Bear

    by: Melmo

    I saw a poodle online in my search at Mexico shelter and I was afraid someone would whisk him up the day of his adoption release date. I showed up 5 min. after they opened to get a lookie at the poodle. I walked him outside, I tried to get him to interact with me and my 5 yr. old. This poodle had been turned in off the street with his sweater still on him. Nobody claimed him. Well, I got a deal! I didn't go broke adopting him and I got a deal on his nueter as well. I brought him home and washed him, and cut his untamed curls. He was already housebroke, great with my kids and our cat. Teddy has been with us for just about 3 yrs. now. He's the perfect find! I found him at the Mexico Shelter. My friends can't believe I paid so very little for such a beautiful, loving poodle. Just keep checking back with them they have many many breeds come in and right out the door. I'm glad I was quick to act when I saw him online. I called regularly as well so I would get first chance.


    took each dog I was interested in outside to interact with each 1 on 1.


    The shelter needs more donations

  • 2. Check for Parvo

    by: kajaxon06

    My husband and I adopted a dog from the Mexico Animal Shelter and two days later had to put her down due to having Parvo. When asked about this, we were told that they observe the dog for signs of illness and at the end of 30 days if they don't show any they are eligible for adoption. The downside to this whole thing is that they don't require a professional to come in and look at any of the animals without visible signs of illness prior to adoption. Be careful when you go to this place to adopt animals.


    They take in animals that are mistreated or homeless


    They don't do any veterinary checks prior to adoptions

  • 3. Pig Ears

    by: ztT4MP60768231

    My goldens love a pig ear to chew on. However, pig ears are like eating potato chips - too many can be too greasy. Therefore, one pig ear a week is just enough. I usually give them one when I am going to be gone for most of the day. This little treat helps them to spend a few minutes chewing and enjoying a little entertainment. As soon as I go to the cabinet in the garage, they know that it is "Pig Ear Time"!


    The Mexico Shelter is very clean, and the animals are well taken care of. No messy litter boxes and plenty of fresh, clean water.


    I wish there could be more room for more animals.

  • 4. A Day at the Shelter

    by: WildernessGal

    Lovely place. Lovely animals. Adopted an adorable little Pomeranian there. Great with kids!


    Very clean.


    Can't think of any.