Mesa county humane society of clifton colorado

3320 d1/2 road
Clifton, CO 81520
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  • 1. Mesa County Humane Society; now Roice-Hurst Humane Society is a great place to visit!

    by: rhhs

    This is a unique shelter, the staff is very close to all the animals, even though there are over 40 dogs and 150 cats and only 8 staff members, everyone knows everyone by name, and all the animals love the staff. They all recieve 1 to 1 attention every single day. \r\nThe cages and kennels are very clean and all of the animals recieve soft, clean bedding and toys every day. Each dog is walked and played with several times a week. The cats are brought out to be loved on and played with every day.\r\nThe staff is very particular about who adopts the pets and they remember all of their past guests.\r\nThey are a no-kill shelter and take in many animals each month from the other "kill" shelters all over the western slope to save thier lives.\r\n


    clean, smells great, freindly staff and animals, pets are not locked in cages all day, staff really cares about the animals, low cost vaccine clinics, low cost spay and neuter clinics, disaster rescue program, they rescue animals from shelters that euthanize, they are no-kill


    the shelter is very small and always full