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Douglasville, GA 30135
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    by: McGoo

    I will NEVER take an animal to this vet again. I brought my cat in for an emergency (fever, dehydration, vomiting, lethargy and had not eaten or had a BM in three days). Got there at 7am and when I returned at 4pm she still had not been seen by the vet. They said my cat "seemed upset", so they didn't examine her. I can't imagine a sick animal who is happy about an examination. I had to go get her out of the kennel myself and she had no food or water in there when I went to get her. I expected that I would hold her while they examined her; however, Dr. Mercer told me to "bring her back in the morning if she doesn't improve" and that they would sedate her tomorrow so she could be examined "if she doesn't improve" (whatever that means!). She also said that my cat did not have a fever. This was not correct! My cat's 103 degree temp was established by the very competent vet who promptly examined my cat not 20 minutes later (without sedating her and without sustaining even a scratch).




    they did nothing to help an animal in distress!

  • 2. Very competent vet

    by: LorieS

    I have been using Dr. Mercer for several years and I am still satisfied that she is the best vet in town!


    Very caring and up to date vet


    Somewhat pricey but worth it!